The TRUTH About Generational Selling

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May 13, 2022
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A group of multigenerational people.

Without a doubt, personalization always helps close deals. Period. But to take your personalization to the next level, consider focusing on generational values. 

When we say “generational values,” we don’t mean using stereotypes (please steer clear of the avocado toast jokes). Instead, you want to do your homework and find out what resonates with the different generations that make up today’s workforce. 

No matter what generation you’re targeting, this brief overview will give you an idea of how to sell and market to any age group.

Millennials (Mid 20’s to early 40’s) 

Millennials make up about 35% of the workforce according to Pew Research, making them the largest population contributing to today’s labor force. 

Known as the “socially conscious” generation, they’re more concerned with corporate social responsibility than previous generations. So if you can pitch to these concerns in a way that feels sincere to your brand, you’ll score major points with millennials. 

An article from Mccindle states that millennials also tend to trust and seek out advice from their peers. How can you use this to sell? Consider showing them peer reviews from others in their industry or let them bring co-workers to a demo in order to win them over. 

Generation X (Early 40’s to mid 50’s)  

Generation X or Gen X may not make up as much of the labor force as millennials do, but they have tons of influence in sales. With an estimated $2.4 trillion dollar in purchasing power, you don’t want to overlook them. 

The Mccindle article mentioned earlier mentions that as a whole, Gen Xers prefer advice from practitioners (people who specialize in the field). Cater to this preference by showing case studies of real people who are just like your prospect (similar job titles, similar problems, more experienced, etc.) and have used your tool or product to achieve amazing results. 

Baby Boomers (Late 50’s to 70’s) 

Although baby boomers are getting close to retirement age, this is no reason to ignore them. Just like Gen Xers, they hold tons of influence and purchasing power. The tricky part is getting them interested. Baby Boomers saw the moon landing, so I’m guessing they’re harder to impress. 

When it comes to piquing their curiosity, baby boomers are the most influenced by experts over any other channel of advice. So when you sell to this demographic, you’ll need expert testimony as a part of your pitch. To establish this level of authority, consider mentioning reviews from industry leaders or top performers that favor your product. 

Gen Z (Ages 10 to 24)

Generation Z or Gen Z is the youngest generation in today’s workforce, but by 2030, they’ll make up the largest portion. Of all the age groups, this is the only generation born into a world with modern technology and raised with social media. Furthermore, Generation Z is the largest one to date, with two billion members around the globe. 

Since Gen Z, or Zoomers if you will, were raised on modern technology, they tend to trust online forums for influence and advice. When selling to a Zoomer, pull G2 reviews or other online rating sites that allow feedback comments. Prove to them that they need your product to achieve their greatest goals by showing them the online conversations going on right now that speak to your favor! 

Generation Alpha (under 10)

We’re totally just kidding here! This age group can’t work or purchase anything yet. So we’ll give them a few more years.

While it’s important to remember that no generation is a monolith–there are always going to be differences from one person to the next– these are key traits you’ll want to leverage next time you’re selling to a prospect. 

We hope this helps you craft a pitch that’s personalized and makes your prospect feel understood. Good luck in your sales and marketing efforts and here’s to crushing your quota! 

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