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Ultimate Guide to Landing a Tech Sales Job

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Brandon Bornancin
July 19, 2023
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If you want to know how to get into tech sales, you’re in luck. 

With an average rep salary of $70,000 (stat from, doesn’t include commissions) and a global value of $5 Trillion, tech is a hot space for rapid growth, and tech sales is the core profession that’s helping to push this movement off to unprecedented levels. 

Whether you are an experienced salesperson looking for a new challenge or a recent graduate eager to enter the tech world, this guide is a roadmap for individuals aspiring to secure a position in tech sales. It covers key aspects such as honing technical and soft skills, understanding the tech industry landscape, networking effectively, and crafting a compelling resume and cover letter tailored to the tech sales domain. We will cover some of the amazing benefits of working as a tech sales rep, tackle some misconceptions, and share some tips for breaking out into this profession and quickly becoming a top earner. 

What Is Tech Sales?

Tech sales is a profession where reps usually sell software to other businesses (i.e. Business-to-Business or B2B).

If you’re looking to start a career in tech sales, you will likely begin with an entry position as a sales development representative (SDR) or a business development representative (BDR). 

As an SDR or a BDR, it’s your job to find and connect with new leads, qualify them, book appointments, and your account executive will do the rest of the work of closing them.

This means that you get to sharpen your sales skills and make money without the pressure of closing!

What Are the Benefits of a Career in Tech Sales?

If you’re interested in a tech sales career you chose wisely because out of all the possible professions, this is by far one of the best, and here’s why:

  • Tech sales is easy to scale: Forbes estimates that investment in sales tech grew from $1.8 Billion in 2020 to $4.3 Billion in 2021. That’s more than double the growth in just 12 months! Why is this possible? Because tech sales is one of the most scalable industries. Unlike a lot of other industries where you have to customize the product you sell to every individual customer. With tech, when you find a great product that solves problems and produces results, it’s easy to sell that product to a wide variety of people. This is why investors love tech and why you should too!
  • You make great money: While tech sales is quota-driven like any other sales profession, it’s not unheard of to crush your annual quota early on and spend the rest of the year racking up play money. Because tech is so scalable, when you have the right tools in your stack you can easily generate six figures in sales month after month (don’t believe us? Check out our CEO’s tech sales journey). Tech sales is amazing because you can outearn doctors and lawyers without spending years racking up hundreds of thousands of dollars in student loan debt. Life-changing financial freedom is truly possible with tech sales. 
  • You are always the MVP of your company: Every business, big or small, is only as great as its sales team. When you’re in sales, you become your company’s core lifeline because you generate the lion’s share of the money that funds every department at a business. This means that you’re often the first to get a pay raise and a promotion when growth is skyrocketing, and when the economy goes through rough patches, you’re the last to get fired. With the world seeing unprecedented unemployment and mass layoffs, (according to the Bureau of Labor Statistics, 6.1 million Americans are unemployed) tech sales is the outlier that offers unprecedented job security. 

Understand the Tech Sales Landscape

Before diving into the job search, it's crucial to understand the landscape of tech sales. Research the industries within tech that are currently thriving and explore companies that align with your interests and career goals. Familiarize yourself with the products and services offered by these companies to demonstrate genuine interest during interviews.

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What Skills Do You Need to Get a Tech Sales Job? 

So you’re selling highly advanced software services and platforms that are changing the way business is done…You need to be a tech genius to sell products, right? WRONG.

Despite what you may have assumed, you don’t need to be the next Bill Gates or Steve Jobs with immense tech genius, savvy, and experience to thrive in tech sales (you don’t even need a college degree!).

To succeed, all you need are the following talents…

  • Adaptability: Tech is a space that rapidly changes from day to day. And tech sales is no different.  It’s all about leveling up every day which can both be a challenge but also hugely rewarding. Month after month and year after year, your quota is going to get bigger and you’ll be forced to become a stronger problem solver and a better communicator in order to adapt. There’s nothing like it! are some bullet points
  • A Servant Mindset: The best tech sales professionals get into this career with a servant mindset. While there are countless books and articles out there that share overly complicated tips for becoming a successful salesperson, the greatest advice we can give you is to take a servant’s approach to everything you do. When you have a quality product that you’re passionate about, and a genuine desire to help your customers maximize their potential, the other skills needed to do well in sales (stellar communication, etc.) will follow.

Strategies to Get Hired in Tech Sales

If you’re looking to get hired in tech sales as quickly as possible, work on your social media presence. 

Revise every section of your LinkedIn profile (the “About” section, the “Skills” section, etc.) and get your page in tip-top shape so when recruiters and hiring managers come across you, they are interested in learning more about you and what you can do for their company. 

 Also, use Seamless to build lists of tech companies you would like to sell to. Seamless uses comprehensive artificial intelligence to crawl through the web in real-time to find, verify, and validate contact data (email addresses, cell phone numbers, direct dials, etc.) of any professional or company you’re interested in networking with. 

With Seamless, you can easily pull up the contact information of sources and hiring managers at tech companies, gather pitch intelligence, and reach out with a tailor-made message that shows them you know their company like the back of your hand and you can help them increase their sales. Leverage Seamless and distinguish yourself from hundreds of others applying for sales jobs. 

Lastly, instead of waiting around for a company to post job openings, network, network, network. Go to events, reach out to companies you’re interested in via email (try these tips to increase open rates), LinkedIn InMail, cold call, and get them familiar with your name and your face. You’ll make a lasting impression with company decision-makers and hear “You’re hired!” faster than anyone else. 

If you’re interested in kickstarting a career in tech sales, why not work for the #1 sales software company in the world? In case you didn’t know, we’re hiring for over 500 sales positions at Seamless.AI, check out our sales rep opportunities and apply here. 

Hone Your Sales Skills

While tech expertise is valuable, at its core, tech sales is still sales. Your ability to connect with clients, understand their pain points, and communicate the value of your product or service will be the backbone of your success. Enhance your sales skills through workshops, online courses, and reading books by sales experts.

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Develop Tech Knowledge

While you don't need to be a tech expert, having a solid understanding of the products and services you'll be selling is essential. Keep up with industry trends and familiarize yourself with common tech jargon to speak confidently during interviews and client interactions.

Build a Strong Online Presence

In the digital age, your online presence matters. Create a LinkedIn profile that showcases your skills, experience, and achievements. Engage with tech sales professionals and thought leaders on the platform to expand your network. Additionally, consider writing about tech sales topics on your blog or sharing insights on social media to establish yourself as a knowledgeable professional.

Develop a Winning Mindset

Sales is all about attitude and mindset. Cultivate a positive and resilient mindset that embraces challenges and thrives under pressure. Believe in your abilities, and let your enthusiasm shine through. Employers value candidates who are confident, self-motivated, and persistent. Develop a growth mindset that embraces continuous learning and improvement.

Polish Your Personal Brand

Your personal brand is your professional identity. Craft a strong resume and tailor it to highlight your relevant skills, achievements, and experiences. Focus on transferrable skills such as communication, negotiation, problem-solving, and relationship-building. Leverage internships, volunteer work, or relevant coursework to demonstrate your dedication to sales. Establish a professional online presence on platforms like LinkedIn, where you can showcase your achievements and connect with industry professionals.

Tailor Your Resume and Cover Letter

Your resume and cover letter should highlight your relevant experiences, achievements, and skills. Tailor each application to the specific company and role you are applying for. Quantify your accomplishments and focus on how you can contribute to the success of the tech sales team.

Leverage Networking

Networking is a powerful tool for job seekers. Attend industry events, conferences, and job fairs to meet potential employers and make valuable connections. Personal referrals and recommendations from professionals in the field can significantly boost your chances of landing an interview.

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Prepare for Interviews

Ace your interviews by thoroughly researching the company and practicing common tech sales interview questions. Showcase your passion for tech and your ability to drive sales. Be ready to discuss how you've handled challenges in the past and how your skills align with the company's needs.

Research and Target Companies

Research is key to understanding the sales landscape and identifying companies that align with your goals. Look for industries and sectors that interest you and evaluate their sales opportunities. Study each company's products, target market, and sales strategies. This knowledge will help you tailor your application and demonstrate your genuine interest during interviews. Engage with industry forums, attend networking events, and build connections to gain insights and increase your chances of finding job opportunities.

Embrace Continuous Learning

The tech industry is ever-changing, so the learning process shouldn't end once you secure a job. Embrace continuous learning by attending workshops, webinars, and training sessions offered by your employer or external sources. Stay updated on emerging technologies and market trends to stay ahead in the field.

Leverage Internships and Entry-Level Positions

Internships and entry-level positions can serve as valuable stepping stones to your first sales job. Seek out opportunities that offer hands-on experience, allowing you to develop essential skills while learning from seasoned professionals. Even if the position is not your ideal job, the experience gained can be invaluable when applying for future roles. Show enthusiasm, take initiative, and go above and beyond to demonstrate your commitment and potential.


For more detailed tips and tricks on getting a job in tech sales, follow our CEO Brandon Bornancin on LinkedIn. We have some exciting news coming soon!


Securing a tech sales job requires a combination of sales prowess, tech knowledge, and a proactive approach to career development. By understanding the tech sales landscape, honing your skills, building a strong online presence, and leveraging networking opportunities, you can position yourself as a valuable asset to tech companies. Embrace continuous learning to stay relevant and adaptable in this dynamic industry. With determination and preparation, you'll be well on your way to landing your dream tech sales job. Good luck!

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