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Seamless.AI Support provides a mix of tools and technology, people, and programs designed to proactively help you maximize revenue, increase sales, and acquire your total addressable market. We save time for your team by helping you to move faster while prospecting and focus on sales activities.

Sometimes that means helping you troubleshoot an issue, but more often, it involves finding ways for you to better utilize Seamless.AI services, answer best practice questions, and provide expert guidance. We focus on helping you achieve the outcomes you need to make your business successful. It is our approach to Support that sets Seamless.AI apart.

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For help with your account, contact support. We’re dedicated to making sure your experience is (well)… seamless!

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Here’s Why You’ll Love Our World Class Support

It doesn’t matter if you’re a fast-growing startup, a large enterprise business, or an entrepreneur. We’re here to support you on your journey.

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Move Faster

Seamless.AI Support helps you stay agile as you build workflows and solutions. Have a question or need help? Just ask - we are here with answers and guidance. We are always looking to identify new ways Seamless.AI can help your business.

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Achieve Your Goals

Our Success Managers are well versed in sales, marketing, automation, and are not constrained by how “things are usually done”. This model avoids the need for typical escalation paths which can slow down time-to-resolution and allow you to move faster in your prospecting journey.

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Focus on What Matters

With Seamless.AI Support, you can put your energy where it belongs - with your prospects and your business. We will help keep you running efficiently in the manner your business demands.

Customer Testimonials

Our Customer Support Team is Best in Class

"Mohammed was well informed, helpful and polite, an excellent Customer Service Representative. He solved 2 problems for me and got me back in business."

picture of customer Karen Harstein next to her review about Seamless.AI
Karen Hartstein
Sales Administrator

"Justin was simply awesome!!! Made a video to help me and answered every single question I had and then some. He's a great asset and has already made my life so much easier! "

picture of customer Brittany Guild next to her review about Seamless.AI
Brittany Guild
Business Development Representative

"I SO appreciate these two gentlemen taking time to walk me through some issues I was having with your system. I'm confident it was operator error but I still could not figure it out on my own without their assistance. So much clearer now. They were patient and knew their business. Thanks you!"

picture of customer aleta batz next to her review about Seamless.AI
Aleta Batz
Account Executive

"Very helpful! I panicked and they were on top of it!"

picture of customer Joy Morales next to her review about Seamless.AI
Joy Morales

"Support was quick and painless, with a prompt resolution to my issue."

picture of customer Brian Perry next to his review about Seamless.AI
Brian Perry
Vice President of Sales

"Super fast resolution to my issue. Thank you Seamless support team!"

picture of customer Michael Linser next to his review about Seamless.AI
Michael Linser
Business & Revenue Development

"Everything is fantastic, including the customer service. There is nothing i dislike about this. Ryan and his team are amazing. Every question i have ever had is answered right away."

picture of customer Philip Pallifrone next to his review about Seamless.AI
Philip Pallifrone
Territory Manager

"Seamless has a good list of filters for lead criteria and you can import into you CRM easily. The Customer Support is very helpful and responsive."

picture of customer Brittany Schwarz next to her review about Seamless.AI
Brittany Schwarz
Implementation & Client Success Manager

"Their customer care team is very friendly. If I ever had a technical problem, they always helped me and got it sorted within minutes."

picture of customer Daniel Hamvas next to his review about Seamless.AI
Daniel Hamvas
Business Development Manager

Scope of Seamless.AI Support

From our self-help resources to in-depth guidance with an expert, get the right level of support for you.
  • Same-day response time for product support (Monday through Friday)
  • Daily interactive training webinars (Monday through Friday)
  • “How to” questions about Seamless.AI services and features
  • Best practices to help you successfully integrate your favorite tools
  • Troubleshooting Chrome Extension issues
  • Troubleshooting operational problems with Seamless.AI
  • Issues with User Management or other Seamless.AI tools
Seamless.AI Support does not include:
  • Developing customer integrations
  • Performing system administration tasks
  • Troubleshooting custom Zapier integrations
  • Insight or advice on compliance of data
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