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Our Culture

We’re on a mission to help the world connect to opportunity and positively impact billions…This starts with our employees. We take great pride in our culture and the team we’ve built. We embrace open collaboration and creativity. We encourage the iteration of ideas that address the world’s most complex technical sales challenges.

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Our Benefits

Life at Seamless.AI

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Clock In From Home

Don’t worry about commuting to an office building or working in a cramped cubicle all day. Seamless is 100% remote, which means you can work from the comfort of your own home.

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Enjoy Work/Life Balance

We work hard to deliver a world-class product, but we play just as hard. We are committed to giving employees ample time off to recharge and spend time with family. To that end, we offer employees time off through PTO plans with vacation time and paid holidays.

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Invest In Your Health & Wealth

To produce your best work, you need to feel your best. For this reason, we provide comprehensive health benefits (Medical, Dental, Vision, etc.). In thinking ahead to your future, we also offer a 401(k) employer matching program.

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Get Paid For Your Hard Work

We are a merit-based company. This means that we recognize and reward hard work and results, regardless of your tenure. Instead of waiting a year to earn a raise, we offer promotions and any-time raise incentives based on performance, in addition to unlimited sales commission potential.

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A Team That Values You

At Seamless your voice is always heard. Instead of executing orders from the top-down, we encourage feedback from everyone and regularly implement changes driven by our employees’ ideas. This all-inclusive approach is what makes our company and our services world-class.

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Sharpen Your Skills

We promote a culture of constant improvement. To support your professional development, we provide ongoing training and team coaching.

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Core Values

What We Stand For

Whatever It Takes
Think Bigger
Be Resilient
Take Ownership
Take Action
Find Solutions
Never Fail
Do the Right Thing
Do More with Less
Embrace Change
Challenge Everything

Recognized For The Continuous Support Of Our Employees

LinkedIn Top Startups United States Award 2022
Purpose Jobs Best Benefits Award 2022Purpose Jobs award for Best Companies for Work-Life Balance 2023
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