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Seamless.AI Becomes a Three-Time Winner of LinkedIn’s Top Startups!

headshot of Jonathan Pogact
Jonathan Pogact
September 27, 2023
LinkedIn 2023 Top Startups.
It’s my mission to not only hire amazingly talented people but to empower them to unleash their greatest potential for themselves, their career, their families, and their clients!

Brandon Bornancin

LinkedIn released its 2023 Top U.S. Startups List, and Seamless.AI made the list for the third year! 

Seamless.AI came in at #10, which makes this the 2nd year in a row we’ve been in the Top 10!

Check out our CEO, Brandon Bornancin's reaction to making the list down below.

What Is LinkedIn’s Top Startups List?

LinkedIn’s Top Startups is an annual list of 50 up-and-coming businesses in America to look out for, whether you’re considering changing jobs or becoming an investor. 

To make LinkedIn’s top startup list not once or twice but THREE TIMES is truly an honor. We first made LinkedIn’s list in 2020 and ranked at #41. Then in 2022, we jumped to #7. And now, this 3rd win speaks to our dedication to providing a world-class work environment where employees have the freedom to get creative, blaze their trail in the SaaS space, and thrive in their professional and personal lives with countless benefits (i.e., 100% remote work, generous PTO, etc.).  

LinkedIn uses several criteria to evaluating and determining which companies should be included in the list of top US startups. The criteria includes 4 pillars like employee growth, jobseeker interest, member engagement, and they pull talent from the platform.

In addition to the criteria stated, LinkedIn also lowered their existence time to 5 years or less, which means this will be the last year that Seamless.AI can qualify for this recognition as we are now into our 7th year.

Startups vs. Large Companies

If you’re on the job market and you’re deliberating between working at a startup or a large company, take this as a sign to give startups like Seamless.AI a shot!

As opposed to large companies, where you’re just there to fill a seat without any chance to really make an impact, startups like Seamless.AI offer a challenging yet rewarding work environment. Everyone’s ideas are heard. And you get fast-tracked on a clear career path where you can realize your full potential, all while connecting our Seamless.AI users to opportunity

What’s even better is that we’re hiring across all departments, and we’re always on the lookout for talent, so fill out a Seamless.AI job application today and join the rocket ship!

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