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Grow Your Pipeline

Use past customers as channels into new target accounts who are 4x more likely to respond.

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Win More Deals

Previous contacts are 3X more likely to buy than average leads. Close more deals faster with warm leads who are already familiar with your product or service.

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Retain Customers

Get ahead of churn and proactively identify risks by finding out when key contacts leave or join new accounts.

Generate New Sales Opportunities

Buyers spend 70% of their budget during the first 100 days. Get in front of them with your solution before your competition.

Fuel Your Pipeline With Warm Leads

Your past customers are your best sources for new business. Stay up to date with job changes, so you can reach out the minute they make an important career move.

Revive Closed-Lost Opportunities

Get the data you need to turn old closed-lost opportunities into closed-won deals! Know when key contacts change jobs, when a blocker leaves, or when new executives join to re-engage lost opportunities.

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Reduce Churn Risk

65% of the U.S. workforce is actively searching for a new role or change jobs. Don't lose your best accounts to a sudden job change.

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Protect Existing Revenue

Keep up-to-date when your champion leaves so you can proactively reach out to key contacts in the account and prevent churn.

Identify New Leads In Existing Accounts

Build relationships with new decision-makers early as they evaluate the tech stack they just inherited.

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How Job Changes by Seamless.AI Works

Job Changes makes it easy to stay on top of key accounts, maintain an active pipeline, and close new sales opportunities. Here’s how it works in three easy steps!

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1. Upload a CSV File

Submit your Job Changes request by uploading a list of contacts (i.e. an email contact list, a lead list, individual contacts, etc.) you want to track.

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2. Get Results

Add your Job Changes list to “My Contacts” or download the researched data to your CRM.

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3. Outreach

Now that you’ve got data on any prospects or clients who’ve changed jobs, congratulate them on their achievement and reach out with timely messaging that cuts through the noise!

Use Job Changes Company-Wide

Sales Outreach

Stay on top of the job changes of your champions and decision-makers, so you can continue to nurture relationships and deliver personalized outreach that’s timely and relevant.

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Revenue Operations

Enable your revenue generating teams to shorten their sales cycle, increase conversion rates, and crush company goals by targeting prospects that are most likely to buy.

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Support new go-to-market motions by targeting new prospects who just started a job. Clean up email lists and retarget new target accounts.

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Frequently Asked Questions

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