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Seamless.AI Voted a Top Startup for Work-Life Balance!

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Sidney Jones
April 6, 2023
Purpose Jobs recognizes Seamless.AI as a top company for Work-Life Balance

Are you looking for a new job at a company that provides a great work-life balance? Look no further than one of the top startups in the country, Seamless.AI! 

With job seekers showing an increased interest in work-life balance, Purpose Jobs created a list of companies from various industries (Wellness, SaaS, etc.) that prioritize creating a culture where employees flourish personally and professionally. 

Purpose Jobs shared their list of the top 27 startups and tech companies for great work-life balance, and Seamless.AI made the cut! 

Keep reading to learn more about the amazing benefits Seamless.AI provides, and how you can apply.

What Makes Seamless.AI a Great Place for Work-Life Balance? 

At Seamless.AI, we take work-life balance seriously. It’s our mission to ensure that employees take care of themselves physically and mentally, and have ample time throughout the year to spend with friends and family. We have a number of policies in place to make this mission a reality…

For starters, Seamless.AI is a 100% remote company. Employees are free to work wherever they are the most comfortable, whether that’s at home, a coffee shop, a coworking space, or anywhere else. We even give our people the option to work three months out of the year anywhere in the world (just make sure you’ve got a good Wifi connection!). 

Every new employee gets 160 hours of Paid Time Off (PTO) with no questions asked. Employees are encouraged to use all of their PTO every year. More importantly, your PTO hours only increase with seniority.

In addition to full health benefits (health insurance, dental, vision, etc.), Seamless.AI provides every employee with a free subscription to Headspace. Headspace is an online platform that offers countless resources for health and wellness, from yoga and meditation techniques to helpful tools for managing stress. 

Seamless.AI also has Philanthropy Days, where twice a year, employees can take the day off (fully paid) to do volunteer work of their choosing in their community (i.e., charities, beach cleanups, food drives, etc.).

In the summer months, from Memorial Day to Labor Day, we have “Summer Fridays,” where employees can log off three hours early every Friday to enjoy the sunshine and the warm weather.

The Perks Don’t Stop There…

Outside of these incredible benefits, what makes Seamless.AI the best company to work for is that we never get complicit with the work-life balance policies we have. We’re constantly looking for ways to make our employees’ lives better. We make a point to reach out to our team for their thoughts on how we can improve. In fact, a number of our policies, like Summer Fridays, were created because of the feedback we receive. 

You might be asking yourself: why do we go so hard for our employees?

Ultimately, it’s because when our people can lead rich, full lives, they can produce the quality work and service our users need to unleash their potential.

Interested in Applying for a Job?

If these perks sound great and you’re ready to put in a resume, click here to apply to Seamless.AI! 

We have countless positions open in several departments, from Sales to Customer Success. Consider applying today and get on a dynamic career path to your greatest success! 

Is Working at a Startup More Stressful?

It really depends on the person and the specific workplace. Startups can be stressful due to factors like uncertainty, rapid changes, and resource constraints. However, established companies have their own challenges, like bureaucracy and slower decision-making. It's all about finding the right fit for your preferences and working style. Seamless.AI strives to provide a good work-life balance and gives employees the tools to manage their workload while not overwhelming them with too many duties or tasks so that it doesn't become too stressful.

Startups often come with a fast-paced environment, uncertainty, and a need to wear multiple hats, but that's not the case at Seamless.AI. It's exciting, stable, and energetic. If you thrive on challenges and variety, though, it might be just the place for you.

Tips to Manage Work-life Balance at a Startup

Managing work-life balance in a startup can be tricky, but it's crucial. Here are a few tips:

Prioritize Tasks:

Focus on high-priority tasks and manage your time efficiently. Not everything is urgent, so prioritize your workload to maintain a balance.

Learn to Say No:

‍ It's okay to decline additional tasks if you're already stretched thin. Communicate openly about your workload and set realistic expectations.

Take Breaks:

Even in a fast-paced environment, take short breaks to recharge. A refreshed mind is more productive.

Communicate with Your Team:

Share your concerns about workload or stress with your team. Collaboration can lead to solutions and support.

Schedule Personal Time:

Just as you schedule work meetings, schedule personal time for hobbies, family, or relaxation. Treat it with the same importance.

Evaluate Regularly:

Assess your work-life balance regularly and make adjustments as needed. Be flexible and adaptable to changes.

Remember, it's not just about the quantity of time but the quality of time you spend both at work and in your personal life.

In summary, Seamless.AI is a great place to work for good benefits and work-life balance. Learn more today by reaching out to our recruiting team.