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How to Use Seamless.AI for Recruiting

headshot of Sidney Jones
Sidney Jones
October 7, 2022
How to Use Seamless.AI for Recruiting

If you’re a recruiter looking for better resources for top candidates, check out this article because we’ll teach you how to use Seamless.AI for sourcing. 

Why Should Recruiters Use Seamless?

Seamless.AI is not only the #1 sales software, but it’s also one of the top sourcing tools on the market, with unmatched accuracy. 

As opposed to databases and directories where there’s more outdated data than fresh, Seamless uses artificial intelligence to crawl the web in real time and find and validate email addresses and cell phone numbers of any professional. 

While Seamless is stellar on its own, with our Greenhouse app integration (check out our most popular app integrations here), you and your recruiting team have the perfect sourcing system right at your fingertips. 

Keep reading to learn how you can use Seamless to save your team time and money and get to that star candidate before anyone else.

Save Time and Money With Seamless

With the Great Resignation still gathering steam, time is of the essence for every recruiter. The faster you can fill positions with quality talent, the better.  

Our powerful automation of list-building, prospecting, and data entry, will help you and your team save countless hours every day, flood your pipeline with talent, and recruit at scale.

Skip the manual busy work, skip the gatekeepers, and speak directly with candidates FAST.

Be the First to Reach Out to Rockstar Candidates

Job boards are both a blessing and a curse for recruiters and hiring managers. 

On the one hand, job boards help you share your brand and find a good number of candidates. 

But on the other hand, every other recruiter is using the same boards  and connecting with the same candidates. 

With Seamless, get access to an unlimited number of passive candidates (the true goldmine of sourcing) and give the revolving door of job boards a rest. 

To Source with Seamless, All You Have to Do Is…

  1. Sign up for Seamless…It’s completely free
  2. Download our Chrome Extension. This extension gives you the power to find the contact data of potential candidates on LinkedIn Recruiter, LinkedIn (Standard), and any company website. Check out this article on tips and tricks to find hidden talent on LinkedIn Recruiter). 
  3. In addition to pulling contact data directly from LinkedIn profiles and company websites, you can take advantage of the 1.9 billion contact and company records (and counting) we’ve verified, and use our search filters (seniorities, departments, titles, industries, etc.) to connect with qualified candidates. 
  4. Export into Greenhouse.
  5. Then, once you find the contact info you need, our deep insights and pitch intelligence will ensure that your outreach is relevant, timely, and value-driven. 

If you want to test out Seamless first before you sign up, demo us today and kick your sourcing into high gear. 

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