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How to Track Job Changes

headshot of Sidney Jones
Sidney Jones
August 21, 2023
Woman carrying out a box of her things to take to her new job.

How can you track your clients’ job changes when people in today’s market move on to new job opportunities so frequently? 

According to Apollo Technical, 70% of people are looking for jobs right at this very moment. 

And on average, roughly half of the U.S. workforce changes jobs every 1-5 years. 

In today’s challenging economy, if your sales and marketing teams are going to boost retention and nurture relationships with clients, they have to stay ahead of promotions and company changes. 

But what’s the most efficient and effective method?

In this article, we’ll discuss what to look out for as you shop for a Job Changes tracking tool, so you can choose the best solution for your organization. 

Why Tracking Job Changes Helps Grow Sales Revenue

Here are just a few reasons why tracking job changes with Seamless.AI is amazing for salespeople and entrepreneurs:

Save Time and Effort

Manually tracking job changes can be a tedious and time-consuming process. With Seamless.AI, you can automate this process and save yourself the time and effort of manually updating your prospect's contact information and other details. This frees up more time for you to focus on other important tasks, such as generating leads, nurturing relationships, and closing deals.

Stay Up-To-Date on Your Prospect's Contact Information

When a prospect changes jobs, their contact information (e.g. email address, phone number, etc.) can often change as well. With Seamless.AI, you can automatically update your prospect's contact information in your CRM so you always have the most up-to-date information. This ensures that you can easily and quickly reach out to your prospect whenever you need to, without having to waste time searching for their updated contact information.

Gain Insight into Your Prospect's Priorities

By tracking job changes, you can learn more about your prospect's priorities and what they value in their work. This can help you tailor your sales pitch and offer products and services that align with their goals and interests. By understanding your prospect's priorities, you can build stronger, more meaningful relationships and increase the likelihood of making a successful sale.

Identify Potential New Business Opportunities

When a prospect changes jobs, it can often mean that they have new priorities, business challenges, and opportunities that they need to capitalize on right away. Come to the table prepared to help these individuals capitalize on these opportunities right away. 

What Are the Benefits of Tracking Job Changes? 

Have you ever had a loyal client go silent on you? 

Have you ever missed an upsell or cross-sell opportunity because you were the last to find out a customer got that promotion they’d been eyeing for a while? 

When you have an effective method for tracking job changes, you never have to be in the dark with clients. In fact, with this tool, you can find out early when a client changes jobs and reach out to congratulate them. This method builds trust and rapport and ensures your clients have the solutions they need from your company to thrive in their new position.

What’s even better about tracking job changes is that you don’t have to waste time trying to convert cold prospects. When you have hot leads who already love your product, not only are they going to re-purchase, but they’re going to sell your solution at their new job. 

The benefits of tracking job changes are endless: You can reduce churn, shrink prospecting time, and generate new sales opportunities through referrals.

But with all the benefits, there are some red flags to look for as you hunt for the perfect solution to track job changes. 

Some (not so foolproof) Strategies & Tools For Tracking Job Changes 

1. Social Media

One way to stay on top of clients’ job changes is by keeping up with their social media pagesthe best social media platforms for sales targeting.

Often, when you get a new job or promotion, platforms like LinkedIn are one of the first places you go to announce the good news. Company social pages (Twitter, LinkedIn, etc.) are also good resources for information on job changes. Be on the lookout for job appointment announcements and hiring initiatives for the year.

While staying on top of your clients’ social media accounts is excellent for relationship nurturing, this method isn’t the most efficient, nor is it the most accurate. Sifting through posts to get updates for one contact can be time-consuming. Also, a company can have a new hire or promotion on board for weeks before they make a public announcement, which is valuable selling time you forfeit when you rely on this method. 

2. UserGems 

A solution like UserGems notifies you when contacts or accounts change jobs so you can keep your CRM current. Your entire team, from Sales to Customer Success, can coordinate a game plan to retain old accounts and generate new sales. Plus, with their Meeting Assistant, you can enrich your Google Calendar contacts and add them to your Salesforce account. 

While UserGems is fantastic for data on job changes, this is the only information they provide. So you will have to rely on other tools for your sales needs (i.e., lead generation, list-building, etc.).

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3. ZoomInfo

As opposed to UserGems, ZoomInfo’s services are more expansive. With ZoomInfo, you can find B2B contact data and generate leads for your pipeline. Plus, with their recently launched Tracker feature, you can get an alert when important buyers switch to new companies. 

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One of the biggest issues with a database like ZoomInfo is that the data they provide is manually updated only 1-3 times a year. This means that the information you get on employment changes could likely be inaccurate, thus defeating the purpose of investing in a solution like ZoomInfo. 

Seamlessly Track Job Changes

Seamless.AI is a powerful tool that can help businesses find and sell to people who have recently changed jobs. This can be an incredibly effective way to generate millions in pipeline and new sales, for several reasons.

If you’re looking for sales software that can provide job change data, a broad range of go-to-market services, and unrivaled accuracy, you’ve come to the right place!

Seamless.AI not only provides the World’s Best Sales Leads (verified in real-time) and a streamlined workflow that automates all your busy work (from list-building to CRM integration). But on top of all these benefits, Seamless.AI also offers a premium Job Changes feature that allows you to research, update, and cleanse your lists whenever a contact changes positions, companies, or entirely new industries. 

All you have to do is upload a CSV file or any individual contacts you haven’t heard from in a while, and Job Changes by Seamless.AI will search and provide a contact’s complete job history, active jobs that we can find, and job changes you may not have been aware of. 

With Job Changes by Seamless.AI, find out when clients start looking for the solutions you provide. Never miss cross-sell or upsell opportunities. And make sure that every client takes your product or service to their next job opportunity.

Are you interested in walking through a demo of Job Changes? Click here to schedule a demo today, and our team will show you how to keep your lists up-to-date, boost retention, and stay out of the dark for good!

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Seamless.AI is a powerful tool that uses artificial intelligence (AI) to track job changes of your prospects in real-time. With Seamless.AI, you can easily and automatically stay up-to-date on your prospect's contact information, priorities, and potential new business opportunities.


Tracking job changes of everyone you do business with will make you millions. You just need to develop a predictable, scalable, and repeatable strategy to make it happen. This is why you should join Seamless.AI for free and use our new job changes software. It will help you easily and instantly track job changes of the people you care about for free! 

Join for free today at Seamless.AI 

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