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Top Case Study Takeaways: Millions in Less Than 3 Months

headshot of Hannah Beadling
Hannah Beadling
August 11, 2022
Displaying the 7-figure President’s Club award on my office desk after completing a President’s Club case study.

The President’s Club is Seamless.AI’s exclusive group of top users who use our platform to supply their leads.

When you generate six or seven figures in sales with Seamless, you receive a customized award to hang in your office, and we interview you to hear more about your company and your journey.

In this article, we’ll cover some pretty impressive case studies of our greatest winners.

You don’t want to skip this because the winners could be in your same industry or their companies could be the same size–so you can learn the strategies they used to go from where you might be at today, to scaling their sales efforts and joining the President’s Club in 3 months or less. The seven people included in this President’s Club deep dive are Jared Steele, Bo Mitchell, DJ Hume, John Warner, Oscar Hernandez & Eduardo Lancara.

Since they all won insanely fast (90 days or less), we reviewed the footage of their President’s Club interviews and took a deep dive to find the patterns in strategies they used to win, so we could share them with you and help you achieve your greatest success!

If you want to learn more about these club members, you can find their full-length interviews here:

  1. Steve Schmidt: Nexvoo Generates $20M in Sales in 6 Months
  2. John Warner: Prior to Seamless, he tried everything when it came to prospecting, but other companies in the sales data space...
  3. DJ Hume: Lifethreads was scoring 7-figure deals and there calendars were been filled until COVID-19 wiped...
  4. Bo Mitchell: The ability to combine tags to search multiple companies at once...
  5. Oscar Hernandez: Seamless made Telintel's cost per leads from their outbound campaigns significantly more affordable...
  6. Jared Steele: Seamless has made the kea sales process 5 to 10 times faster.

Learn about the struggles they had before Seamless, the secrets they discovered, and the workflow they leveraged.

Breakdown: Analysis of the Winners

Industries: Technology, Education, Healthcare, Retail, and Media.

# of employees - range: Between 1-200.

Roles: Outside Sales Representative, Director of Corporate Partnership, Global Marketing Manager, Vice President of Sales Operations, Sales Manager, and Chief Revenue Officer.

Problems: Outdated data, googling contact info, costly pay-per-lead platforms, and time-consuming list building only to receive poor results.

Solutions: Replaced outdated CRM data, reduced the cost per lead by automating the list building process, found a list to reach the people that wanted to buy right now, saved time by ditching Google as a prospecting tool.

What set them apart: Seamless helped winners replace outdated lead generation methods, save time, prospect 5-10 times faster, and thrive during hard times.

Success with Seamless is not limited to users of a certain industry, company size, or job title. Anyone who needs to connect to buyers can leverage this platform to crush their goals, especially if they want to make millions.

In their own words…

"Everything was so accurate. I probably ran into one [inaccurate] number and it was [the prospect’s] fault. They didn't change. It was an old number, but it's helped me expedite the whole process so much easier". - John Warner

"People that make clubs like [President's Club] are the people that stick with their craft through thick and thin." - Jared Steele

"If something goes wrong in my life, I always try to point the finger at myself first. When you have that kind of attitude, when you have that kind of thinking on a daily basis, you know that great things are coming. It's just a matter of time." - DJ Hume

Conclusion and Recap

  • Our President’s Club winners come from several different industries.
  • Titles of winners varied. There was no clear pattern as far as the type of role they performed.
  • All winners had the same concern: Reaching the right people who are ready to buy.
  • All winners replaced their CRM data with Seamless in order to update the contact info.
  • Resilience is the #1 mindset characteristic all the winners shared. They all experienced career failure in the past, and their resilience made all the difference.
  • The size of the team doesn’t matter, anyone can make it to the Seven Figure President’s Club. Even if you’re working on your own.
  • The reason these winners were able to make millions in just a few months is because Seamless saved them so much time on collecting data and creating personalized lists.

The great news is, you can become a President’s Club winner no matter the size of your team, industry, or title. Did this surprise you?