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Seamless AI is SOC 2 Type II Certified!

headshot of Sidney Jones
Sidney Jones
October 21, 2022
SOC 2 Type II Certified Logo

Big news– Seamless.AI is entering its second year of SOC 2 Type II certification! In case you are in the market for a new, world-class sales tool, and security is at the top of your mind, you can rest assured that Seamless has your back. 

And if you’re thinking, What the heck is SOC 2 Type II?

We’ll explain in this article what SOC 2 Type II is, why it’s so important to you as a current or possible Seamless user, and the measures we take at Seamless to ensure that each and every one of our users’ security is protected. 

What is a SOC 2 Type II Certification? 

SOC 2 stands for, “Systems and Organization Controls 2.” 

Essentially SOC 2 is a set of specific guidelines that the American Institute of Certified Public Auditors (AICPA) created to set the standard for how companies (cloud-based organizations and Software as a Service or SaaS companies like Seamless) should securely design and manage their information security program. The AICPA also provides auditors with guidelines on how to “Effectively and independently verify whether a company has met the requirements.”

The criteria that AICPA uses to evaluate whether or not a company is SOC 2 compliant and therefore properly handling customer data is known as the Five Trust Services Criteria: 

  1. Security: Are customers’ information protected from unauthorized access?
  2. Availability: Can customers depend on your service to perform? 
  3. Processing Integrity: Is the data that your company processes accurate and reliable? 
  4. Confidentiality: Do you protect confidential information by limiting storage, access, and use?
  5. Privacy: Do you protect “Personally Identifiable Information” (i.e. birthdays, etc.) from unauthorized access?

It’s important to point out that the majority of companies work to only certify in “Security” (the first Trust Services Criteria), but Seamless chose to work towards getting certified in all five areas to demonstrate our commitment to data security and integrity. 

What happens during the SOC 2 certification process is an external, independent auditor evaluates an organization based on these five criteria. And the audit process involves a review of a company’s operations for the past year to ensure that all of the SOC controls are “adequately designed and effectively implemented.” If the company meets the standards they are considered SOC 2 Type II compliant!

Why Is a SOC 2 Type II Certification Important?

Sure it’s cool that Seamless achieved SOC 2 Type II certification, but why does that matter?

For one, considering that Seamless.AI is a data provider that uses artificial intelligence to equip our users with the most accurate leads, an achievement like this demonstrates the reliability and security of this platform. 

But more importantly,  with data security being a top concern for consumers (In 2021 alone, over 200 million Americans had personal information compromised in a data breach) achieving a SOC 2 Type II certification affirms our efforts to safeguard our users’ data, our processes, and our systems.

At Seamless, we don’t take our customers’ business for granted…And we don’t take their security for granted either. 

This is why we take every precaution and measure to ensure that users’ private information is protected at all costs and at all times. 

It’s our mission to not only connect you to opportunity but to also make sure your information is safe and secure in the process!

If you are interested in getting Seamless for your organization, take this blog article as a sign to try a demo, and rest assured that your personal information is in good hands!