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Introducing Seamless.AI Everywhere Right-Click

headshot of Sidney Jones
Sidney Jones
July 21, 2023
Seamless Everywhere right-click.

We’re adding a new right-click feature to Seamless.AI Everywhere that makes lead research a breeze!

Keep reading to learn more about this Seamless.AI Everywhere feature expansion, and how you can start using it today to make your prospecting stress-free and easy. 

But first, to catch you up on all the exciting new features we’ve dropped, you might be wondering…

What Is Seamless.AI Everywhere? 

In case you missed it, we recently launched Seamless.AI Everywhere, a free Chrome extension feature for all our Salesforce users.

Seamless.AI Everywhere takes the convenient icon coverage that you get with our Chrome Extension and extends it beyond LinkedIn into your Salesforce CRM account, contact, and search pages. With Seamless.AI Everywhere, you can experience the powerful automation capabilities of the Chrome Extension directly in your Salesforce CRM. Enrich leads and find ready-to-buy accounts without ever leaving your CRM. Seamless.AI Everywhere creates the dream workflow. 

For more detailed info on Seamless.AI Everywhere, check it out here

What Is the Seamless.AI Everywhere Right-Click Feature?

If Seamless.AI Everywhere wasn’t already a game-changer for finding leads, our right-click feature takes the speed, efficiency, and convenience of Seamless.AI Everywhere to the next level.

With the right-click feature, you can highlight and research contacts and companies for important lead information on the Chrome Extension. 

Whether you come across a website where you want to dig for decision-makers, or you have a specific contact you’re on the hunt for, the Seamless.AI Everywhere right-click has you covered.

Instead of wasting time and energy sifting through countless web pages, this feature does the hard work for you! Simply highlight the contact or company name you’re targeting and run a research in the Chrome extension fly-out for lead information. Highlight and research in seconds! 

How Will the Seamless.AI Everywhere Right-Click Feature Benefit Me? 

With the Seamless.AI Everywhere Right-Click feature, you truly get to work smarter, not harder.

Research at any time and anywhere and import into your CRM in seconds. Enjoy a more optimized workflow where you can quickly research contacts or companies’ names without jumping in and out of platforms. And overall, get back 50-100% more time per prospecting session that you can invest in selling your product or service. 

Stop wasting painstaking time and effort searching for that needle in the haystack, and leverage the optimized power of the Seamless.AI Everywhere Right-Click feature today!

How Can I Start Using the Seamless.AI Everywhere Right-Click Feature? 

If you already have Seamless.AI Everywhere and have questions about using the right-click feature, contact our support team, and we’ll help you supercharge your research workflow.

Experience the automation power of Seamless.AI Everywhere for yourself, and stay tuned in for more additions to this product!

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