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10 SDR Strategies for Booking Appointments

Headshot of Brandon Bornancin
Brandon Bornancin
December 23, 2022
An SDR evaluating 10 strategies for booking appointments with prospects.

As a Sales Development Representative (SDR), your job is to generate and convert leads to set up meetings with potential clients.

Booking appointments can be challenging because prospects are often busy and may not be immediately receptive to a meeting request.

However, by using the following SDR strategies, you can increase your chances of success and book more appointments with prospects.

How to Book More Appointments

This guide equips sales professionals with a roadmap to effectively secure appointments with potential clients, thereby enhancing their sales productivity and success.

Leveraging mutual connections, providing upfront value, and employing personalized messaging, salespeople can establish meaningful connections and increase their chances of booking appointments.

The emphasis on persistence, flexibility, and utilizing various sales channels underscores the importance of adaptability and perseverance in the sales process.

Moreover, the integration of social media and advanced sales technology empowers sales professionals to nurture relationships and streamline prospecting efforts, ultimately driving business growth and success.

With actionable strategies and practical insights, this guide empowers sales professionals to navigate the complexities of appointment setting with confidence and efficiency, transforming leads into valuable opportunities for business expansion.

1. Take Advantage of Mutual Connections

If you and the prospect share a mutual contact, ask them to make an introduction and request an appointment on your behalf. This can help establish a connection and also make the request more personal.

Getting a direct referral from someone that already knows the prospect adds more validity and trust to the request, which goes a long way in securing a meeting.

2. Offer Value Upfront

Before you ask for an appointment, try to provide valuable resources like white papers, relevant articles, a free trial or demo of your product, or simply some helpful advice.

This extra nurturing work can help build trust and make the prospect more receptive to a meeting request.

3. Be Persistent But Not Pushy With Sales Prospects

Booking an appointment can take multiple follow-up attempts, so don't give up after the first rejection. Persistence in sales is the name of the game. So follow up on different communication channels like email and phone, but also be willing to take "No" for an answer and move on to other prospects if necessary.

It's great to get a meeting booked, but at the risk or reputation or trust. You never know if a prospect that says 'no' today, could end up being a customer down the line.

4. Use Targeted, Personalized Messaging

When requesting a meeting as SDR, tailor your messaging to the specific prospect and their needs for better results and sales success. Research the prospect in advance.

Learn about the company, industry, and challenges, and use that information to create a compelling meeting request.

5. Offer a Specific Call to Action & Time Frame

Instead of just vaguely asking to re-connect (no one wants to waste time attending a pointless meeting), propose a specific agenda and timeframe for the meeting.

You’ll show the prospect the value they’ll get and also make it easier for them to commit to a specific time and date.

6. Be Flexible & Accommodating

If the prospect cannot meet at the proposed time and date, be flexible and offer alternative options. You’ll show that you are serious about doing business with them and are willing to work around their schedule to make things as convenient as possible.

This all adds up to a positive impression of you and your company.

7. Use Social Media to Your Advantage

Use LinkedIn to not only build up your social presence but also to request meetings. Social media is a great channel to continue conversations, nurture relationships, and send gentle reminders and follow-ups to book an appointment.

8. Follow Up After Initial Contact

If you contacted a prospect but haven't received a response, don't be afraid to follow up after a sales touch. Send a brief email or make a quick phone call to remind the prospect of your meeting request and reiterate the value it can provide.

9. Use Different Sales Channels to Connect With Prospects

To maximize your chances of turning your leads into appointments, you need to create a cadence where you leverage all sales channels like cold calling, cold emailing, social selling, texting, video prospecting, direct mail, and any other channel.

The more channels you leverage to get your message in front of your prospect, the greater the likelihood of booking the appointment. Multi-channel beats single-channel every time!

10. Book Appointments Fast With the Right Tech

The top SDRs use sales automation and artificial intelligence technologies like award-winning, HootSuite,, or Salesloft because they make prospecting and booking appointments at scale easy.

With these tools, you can research contacts and companies in minutes, automate pitch intelligence gathering, and draft relevant messaging fast.

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Bonus Appointment Booking SDR Tip

Send Real-Time Calendar Invites

Our last tip to drive appointment bookings is to send a real-time calendar invite. So instead of agreeing to a meeting, hanging up the phone, and sending the prospect a calendar invite later (this reduces your chances of booking and holding). Send them the invite while you have them on the phone, and don’t hang up until they receive and accept the invite.

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Waiting on the line for confirmation allows you to ensure that the meeting details align with the prospect's availability, minimizing the chances of scheduling conflicts. You can promptly address any questions or concerns they might have, build trust, and reinforce the value of the upcoming meeting. You also eliminate the chance of delays if the prospect is super busy and forgets to accept the invite on their own time. And in the long run, fewer delays mean more meetings booked and held.

Booking an appointment on the line is additionally an excellent way to weed out bluffing prospects versus qualified leads who are genuinely interested. Think about it: By asking a prospect to accept the invite while they’re still on the line, you’re applying some pressure. And if a prospect isn’t interested, they’ll crack under this pressure and admit that this isn’t a good time to buy a solution like yours– which is completely fine! It’s always better to disqualify now rather than later.

Final Thought

If you want to become a top SDR that books back-to-back appointments on the hour every hour with predictability down to the dollar in the day… use these strategies to flood your calendar with qualified demos and appointments faster than ever!

And don’t forget to get Seamless.AI for free to find anyone’s contact info instantly in seconds.

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