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Introducing Writer by Seamless.AI!

headshot of Sidney Jones
Sidney Jones
May 18, 2023
Seamless.AI has released Writer that uses artificial intelligence to produce quality content that fuels business.

If you’re a sales rep, a marketer, or a social media manager, and you struggle to write content that excites prospects, you’re in luck! 

Seamless.AI users now will get the freshest B2B contact data, AND they can cut their sales writing down from hours to minutes!

Whether you have to write a cold introductory script or a follow-up email, staring at a blank screen and trying to develop compelling messaging can be frustrating. In fact, writing eats up a lot of time, with salespeople spending 21% of the day writing sales emails alone.

With Writer by Seamless.AI, we take the guesswork out of sales copy and make it easy to draft content for every stage of the sales process.

Keep reading to learn more about Seamless.AI Writer and how in a few clicks, you can use it to write scripts that convert at higher rates.

What Is Writer by Seamless.AI & How Do I Use It? 

For all Seamless.AI users, Writer by Seamless.AI uses artificial intelligence to create custom sales scripts and messaging that fuels outreach.

Getting started with streamlining your writing is easy:

1. About Me Setup

Once you sign up and download directly in the Seamless.AI app, fill out the “About Me (Setup)” page. On the “About Me (Setup)” page, you will share information about yourself (i.e., your title, etc.), your company (i.e., company website, etc.), and your product (i.e., product description). This way, Writer by Seamless.AI can produce messaging perfectly tailored to your brand. 

About Me Setup Screen in Writer by Seamless.AI

2. Get Started

As soon as you complete the “About Me” section, you can either click the “New Writer”  button in the top left corner of your screen or the “Writer” button (the page icon) on the left-hand side of your screen to get started. 

Writer platform with "New Writer" button highlighted.

3. Prompt Library Cards

Choose a card from our Prompt Library of general script starters on various sales outreach topics (LI Connection Request, etc.). And adjust any part of the prompt however you would like.  

Writer platform with Prompt Library cards highlighted.

4. Personalization

Once you personalize the prompt to your liking, click “Include About Me Details” to automatically add the personalized details you included in your “About Me” setup. 

Writer platform highlighting the selected script with included personalizations.

5. Submit Prompt With Your Personalization

Click “Send,” and Writer by Seamless.AI will handle the rest. Once Writer produces a script, you can further optimize it by typing into the chat any command (i.e., “Make it shorter,” “Make it funnier,” etc.).

Writer platform showing prompt and final script response.

6. Copying Script For Use

When you’re done, click the “Copy” button (two overlapping squares) in the upper right corner of the script to copy/paste the message wherever you need it. 

The copy icon highlighted over the final script from Writer by Seamless.AI

And if you can’t find what you’re looking for in the Prompt Library, you can write a custom prompt or task for Writer in the chat box, and Writer will produce quality content. 

Whether you want to create a voicemail script or an upsell email, you have countless options with Writer by Seamless.AI. 

This tool will also automatically save the last 25 task requests or “Chats” you’ve done. So if you come across a script that performs well, you can always come back to it and save it in your playbook.

Who Should Use Writer by Seamless.AI?

Anyone in sales or assisting their sales team (Marketing, Customer Success, etc.) can use Writer by Seamless.AI to boost productivity, speed up content creation, increase conversions, and drive results.

Compared to other tools that produce generic “one-size-fits-all” copywriting, Writer by Seamless.AI is specifically designed for sales and marketing outreach. 

Writer is also a perfect tool for our users who get the contact data they need on our platform and build high-converting lists, but their prospecting comes to an abrupt halt because they don’t know what to write. Now you can say goodbye to the dreaded blank page. And you can keep your prospecting in the fast lane. 

How Do I Get Started With Writer by Seamless.AI? 

If you’ve got a couple of emails to send or a campaign to get a head start on, and you’re interested in testing out Writer by Seamless.AI,  we have an exclusive offer of 5 free demo credits for all users (sign up if you aren’t yet a user. We’ve got 400,000+ users and counting!).

And if you have more questions about Writer by Seamless.AI, schedule a demo today. We’ll help out with anything you need!

Cheers to eliminating Writer’s Block once and for all!

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