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Introducing Our New ROI Dashboard

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Seamless.AI Team
May 16, 2024
Seamless.AI ROI Dashboard Product Release Announcement

We are excited to introduce our new ROI Dashboard, a powerful tool designed to help Admins and Owners gain deep insights into the performance of their Seamless.AI subscription. 

This feature, available for free to all users in admin roles, brings together critical metrics that illustrate the return on investment, cost savings, and time efficiency derived from using Seamless.AI.

Without further ado, let’s jump into each section in and see what you get with our new ROI Dashboard.

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Seamless.AI ROI Dashboard Product Image

Return on Investment (ROI) Section

Want to know how many more leads, deals, or sales you need to reach your ROI goals?

This section gives you an overview of all the ROI-related metrics you need to keep track of. Keep tabs on how much progress you’ve made towards your metrics in each category and identify which ones need your attention.

You'll find insights on:

  • Total number of leads
  • Opportunities created
  • Revenue
  • Average deal size
  • Pipeline generated
  • Sales
  • Return on investment

Money and Time Saved

Prospecting without a sales intelligence tool can get expensive and takes a long time. But how much time and money are you really saving by using Seamless.AI?

Imagine having a magic calculator that tells you how much time and money you’re saving on prospecting while using Seamless.AI.

That’s where this feature of the new ROI dashboard comes in handy.

Keep track of how much money you’re saving on leads, opportunities, and sales in the "Money Saved" section.

Or take a look at the "Time Saved" section for a snapshot of how much time you’re saving on prospecting (minutes, hours, and days).

Total Addressable Market (TAM) Section

It’s great to see how much time and money you’re saving, but what’s even better is tracking the potential value of your TAM.

Unlock the full potential of your total addressable market using the TAM feature of the ROI dashboard.

You’ll see how many contacts or companies you’ve already researched against your TAM–plus, the estimated value of your TAM.

These metrics provide a clear path for sales teams to set goals and pace themselves.

ROI Dashboard Features

This tool is essential for monitoring and enhancing the performance of your Seamless.AI usage. 

This new feature release underscores our commitment to providing you with actionable insights, helping you make informed business decisions and fully leverage the value of Seamless.AI. 

If your ROI metrics aren't meeting expectations, our Customer Success Managers are ready to help you optimize your dashboard settings and increase lead research activities to improve your ROI.

Explore the new ROI dashboard today and unlock the full potential of your subscription!

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