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Source the best talent, faster with Seamless.AI + Greenhouse

headshot of Mason Johnson
Mason Johnson
December 16, 2021
Seamless.AI + Greenhouse integration

In the past year, we’ve seen a big increase in our customers' need to proactively find and hire new talent. This means they need the right sourcing tool to be more targeted and thoughtful in their recruiting efforts.

“The way companies find and hire top talent has been completely transformed by the Great Rehiring,” said Brandon Bornancin, Seamless.AI founder and CEO. “The modern recruiter needs more effective tools that can help them focus on the right potential candidates.”

That’s why we’ve released our direct integration with Greenhouse ATS — now available on all Seamless.AI plans.

The Seamless.AI platform is an intelligent sourcing solution that will help recruiters find, pinpoint and connect with prospective candidates anywhere on the web. Unlike traditional databases, Seamless is a real-time search engine, which means faster results, emails that get delivered and the most direct dials on any platform.

Combined with Greenhouse, you have a powerful solution for your recruiting team to turn cold outreach into engaged and active candidates. Allowing you to achieve high quality interactions at scale.

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With real-time data and the right ATS, it’s easy to streamline growth.

The integration allows your team to:  

🏎 Source Top Talent First

Find, target and recruit top talent before your competition does with real-time data. Recruiter-friendly filters like seniorities, departments, titles, industries, and more. Easily fill your recruiting pipeline with hundreds of candidates in minutes.

🚀 Supercharge Your LinkedIn Pipeline

Our Chrome extension makes it easy to find potential candidates directly on LinkedIn — or anywhere on the web — and export to Greenhouse in just one-click!

✅ Export candidate emails and cell phones from LinkedIn or LinkedIn Recruiter searches.

✅ Capture candidate emails and cell phones while browsing LinkedIn profiles.

✅ Find candidate contact information directly from company websites.

🎉 Save Time and Money With Better Insights

Find out as much as you can about a candidate before you even reach out to them with Contact Intelligence. Lead conversations with what matters most to your candidates in every message and call to increase your connection and hire rates.

Unless you really like manually list-building and prospecting for hours every day, you’re going to love this new integration!

So, what’ll it be

Find, target and recruit at scale.

That’s exactly what the Seamless.AI <> Greenhouse integration promises for your team.

Want to see how our platform can simplify your recruiting process? Your free trial is waiting—get started today!

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