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The Inspiring Story of Seamless.AI: From Dream to Disrupting Sales Forever

Headshot of Brandon Bornancin
Brandon Bornancin
May 22, 2023
Brandon Bornancin and Michael Hopkins standing in front of an event backdrop.

Every success story has its humble beginnings, and Seamless.AI is no exception. Founded by two ambitious individuals, Michael Hopkins and I, the idea of Seamless.AI was born out of a shared passion for revolutionizing the sales industry.

This is the inspiring tale of unwavering determination, countless sacrifices, and the ultimate triumph of our groundbreaking platform.

Building Against All Odds

Back in those early days, it was just Michael Hopkins and I, two fearless entrepreneurs who were willing to take on the world with nothing but our own grit and commission-based work.

With a mere $25 per appointment and no fixed salary, we embarked on an extraordinary journey. However, before the launch of Seamless.AI in mid-2018, we had to sustain ourselves by offering consulting services and manual list building.

It was an arduous path filled with challenges, but our unwavering belief in our vision kept us going.

Enduring the Struggles

The road to success was far from easy. For three long years, Michael Hopkins and I faced financial hardships, earning absolutely nothing from our venture.

We went through a grueling fundraising process, sometimes even sleeping in a Nissan Maxima while traveling across the country. Our meager budgets often confined us to air mattresses on the floors of studio Airbnbs we could barely afford.

But our dedication to building the platform was unwavering, as our wives, Danielle Demming and Yarah (Michael's wife), tirelessly supported us both financially and emotionally.

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A Journey of Triumph

Fast forward to today, and the results speak for themselves.

Seamless.AI has become a game-changer, generating over 13 million appointments and driving a staggering $26 billion in sales for its users.

What started with just two people has now blossomed into a company employing hundreds of talented individuals, with plans to scale up to thousands.

The platform continues to connect exceptional individuals with outstanding products to new opportunities every second.

Expressing Gratitude and Looking Ahead

Your support has been instrumental to our success.

Together, let's propel Seamless.AI towards even greater heights, aiming for the remarkable milestone of $100 million and beyond.

The dream that started with two individuals crazy enough to pursue a vision against all odds has transformed into a reality that is changing the world of sales forever.

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