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How to Use Seamless.AI for Marketing

headshot of Hannah Beadling
Hannah Beadling
October 6, 2022
How to Use Seamless.AI for Marketing

If you’re looking to beef up your marketing, Seamless.AI is the best data tool to increase your reach, automate your busy work, and help your marketing and sales teams work together more efficiently. 

Using Seamless.AI will give you access to data that helps with marketing in various ways. You can use Seamless to…

  1. Build a list
  2. Grow an email list
  3. Create a segmented list 
  4. Send personalized emails
  5. Send push notifications across AD channels like Facebook Messenger and Instagram stories

Keep reading to learn exactly how you can use Seamless.AI to do all this and increase the reach of your content like nothing else on the market. 

Marketers Use Seamless Data to Segment Their Audience 

One of the main goals of a marketing team is to inform and persuade their target market in order to generate leads and sell more products.  

In order to do that, marketers need an audience list to start advertising to. 

Everything starts with the list, and the results you produce are going to depend on the accuracy of your list. 

With that in mind, marketers don’t just need Seamless for the data accuracy, but also to build a list that identifies their ideal customer profile (ICP). 

Seamless.AI allows marketers to segment their campaigns by finding people with specific job titles based on industry, company size, location, and more. 

Then it automatically builds a list of prospects and their contact info for you to create a campaign around. 

Once you have specific audiences, you can easily send out personalized content in bulk because you’ll have a list of lookalike prospects. 

The more personalized the campaign, the more persuasive it will be. That’s why segmentation is so critical. 

Segmentation is the strategic way of dividing up your audience into smaller groups based on certain attributes. 

Ultimately, segmenting ensures that every campaign reaches the right audience effectively. 

Furthermore, it grows sales without wasting resources on the people who don’t want your product. 

Watch this quick 5-minute video by CXLto better understand why marketers need to segment audiences to be successful.

Seamless’ Data Makes Your Message More Effective, Increasing Sales 

Personalized messaging is the lifeline of success in sales. 

Personalized messaging helps you reach your customers at the right time, with the right message, which only makes it easier to get people to buy. 

That’s why 300,000+ companies use Seamless.AI to personalize their content, boost revenue, and improve customer experience.

When you use fresh, accurate lists from Seamless, you can create more successful campaigns for smaller, targeted groups of people. And all of your communication becomes more personalized, and therefore more clickable. 

Now that you’ve seen how perfect Seamless is for every marketing team, try Seamless for free, build out your list, and once you’ve got a solid list, check out this quick, helpful article on subject line secrets that increase open rates, so you can get your email campaigns off the ground ASAP!


  • Seamless is every marketer’s best-kept secret for building targeted audiences and achieving greater impressions and clickthrough rates
  • Use Seamless to narrow down your audience by title, location, etc…
  • Create refined, hyper-targeted messaging with Seamless data It’s not enough to have a great product or service.

If you want to make an impression on your customers, you have to make sure that your message meets them where they’re at. 

Seamless.AI is a powerful tool for marketers to do just that and create content that resonates with their target markets! 

If you still aren't sure if Seamless will help you drive results, check out the $10K marketing deals one of our users was able to close with Seamless in the video down below…