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65+ Best Sales Conferences and Events You Should Attend in 2024

Rachell Lee headshot
Rachell Lee
February 29, 2024
65+ Sales Conferences in 2024

2024 is already in full swing, but there’s still a lot of time to plan out the rest of your events calendar for the top sales conferences, events, webinars and more. 

We’ve compiled a huge list of 65+ sales conferences, events, and webinars in 2024 that you can’t miss, especially if you’re looking for more ways to be active in your niche industry. While there are so many sales events to keep up with this year, we chose a few key sales conferences for each month to keep your eye on. 

Whether you’re looking for sales events geared towards sales executives or individual contributors, free or paid, in-person or virtual, or other conferences with a wider focus on B2B SaaS in general, you’re bound to find a conference that fits your needs.

Don’t feel like scrolling through? Explore the full list of 65+ 2024 sales conferences in this Airtable spreadsheet. You can filter through the list by month and date, location, remote or virtual, attendee titles and more.

📑Bookmark this page to keep this list of sales events for 2024 on-hand. We’ll update this list with any changed event information throughout the year.

At the time we’re writing this list, sales conferences and events in January and February have already passed (hence why our list starts in March 2024). But no worries, we list out a few past conferences for both months at the bottom for your future 2025 sales conference planning.

🌿Sales conferences in March

Sales Enablement Summit

This sales conference is one of many in the series of Sales Enablement Summits all year round, featuring workshops and discussions on sales enablement trends and innovations.

  • Date: March 21-22 or March 26, 2024
  • Location: New York or Paris (in-person)
  • Who should attend: SDRs, BDRs, customer success, sales leadership, sales managers, marketers, account executives
  • Learn more:

The Future of Sales Tech 2024

This conference explores cutting-edge technologies reshaping the sales landscape, offering insights into AI, automation, and data analytics revolutionizing sales processes, with presentations from industry leaders and tech experts.

Sandler Annual Sales and Leadership Summit

This sales conference is a flagship event for Sandler Training, renowned for its practical sales methodologies and leadership strategies, providing attendees with actionable techniques for driving sales success and fostering effective leadership within their organizations.

Sales 3.0 Sales Transformation Summit

The Sales Transformation Summit is focused on the evolution of sales strategies and techniques in the digital era, this summit addresses the intersection of sales, technology, and customer-centric approaches, offering attendees insights into transformative sales methodologies and emerging trends.

Business of Software Conference

The Business of Software Conference is geared towards software industry professionals, this conference delves into the business aspects of software development, including sales and marketing strategies, product management, and customer success, with a focus on building sustainable software businesses in a rapidly evolving market.

More sales conferences, events, and virtual webinars in March 2024

☂️Sales conferences in April

She Sells Summit

Looking for sales conferences geared towards women in sales? She Sells Summit is a premier event celebrating and empowering women in B2B sales and sales leadership, featuring inspiring keynotes, workshops, and networking opportunities tailored to female sales professionals, aimed at fostering skill development and career advancement.

  • Date: TBD 
  • Location: Boston, MA (in-person)
  • Who should attend: BDRs, sales managers, SDRs, account executives, C-suite level sales leaders
  • Learn more: 

LeadsCon 2024

According to their website: “If generating, buying, distributing or measuring leads is your business—then you have to be at Leadscon. Attended by professionals from 25 main verticals including mortgage/lending, auto, healthcare, insurance, fintech, EDU, legal, home services and retail.” Enjoy three days of networking, meetings, and content featuring lead gen experts at LeadsCon 2024.

  • Date: April 8-10, 2024
  • Location: Paris Hotel and Casino, Las Vegas, NV (in-person)
  • Who should attend: Anyone interested in B2B lead generation (marketers, lead buyers, procurement teams, agencies, affiliates, and more)
  • Learn more: 

DigitalNow Revenue Summit

This sales gathering is focused on building a systematic approach to the right skills, messages, and technology that put digital-first buyers at the center. DigitalNow Revenue Summit has happened every year for the past 15 years and counting. This summit explores the intersection of sales, marketing, and technology, offering insights into digital transformation initiatives and revenue optimization techniques for businesses navigating the digital landscape.

CMO Insight Summit

Tailored for Chief Marketing Officers (CMOs), this summit provides a platform for CMOs to exchange insights, strategies, and best practices for driving revenue growth and enhancing customer engagement through innovative marketing approaches and effective collaboration with sales teams.

More sales conferences, events, and webinars in April 2024

🌞Sales conferences in May

Forrester B2B Summit North America

With the current B2B sales and marketing landscape in mind, this sales conference focuses on delivering the latest insights on the evolving B2B customer and buyer, strategies for cross-functional alignment on customer growth, ways to use technology and AI, and more. As a bonus, they’re also featuring Grammy Award winning R&B artist Gary Clark Jr. as a performer at this year’s event.

Gartner CSO & Sales Leader Conference

Looking for a sales conference tailored for sales leaders? Gartner’s sales conference is the ultimate event for Chief Sales Officers (CSOs) and sales leaders, providing actionable insights, data-driven strategies, and peer networking opportunities to drive sales excellence, with sessions covering sales force effectiveness, sales enablement technologies, and innovative approaches to customer engagement in the digital age.

More sales conferences, events and webinars in May 2024

🕶️Sales conferences in June

Sales Success Summit

This 3-day sales conference is your chance to hear from Allego executives and industry experts about cutting-edge technology like AI for sales enablement. You get the chance to network and learn from other Allego users who are solving complex revenue enablement challenges. Get hands-on with their workshops and interactive sessions focused on prospecting, negotiation, and closing techniques.

  • Date: June 4-6, 2024
  • Location: Boston, MA (in-person and virtual)
  • Who should attend: Everyone in sales (sales managers, leadership, account executives, SDRs, BDRs, customer success)
  • Learn more: 

National Sales Conferences

This sales conference is for those looking for a sales conference abroad. Take this opportunity this summer to travel and interact with other sales professionals at this event in London, England. You’ll get access to a fully CPD accredited program of learning with toolkits, e-books, webinars, masterclasses and meet-ups.

  • Date: June 27, 2024 or November 14,2024
  • Location: London, England (in-person)
  • Who should attend: Everyone in sales (sales managers, leadership, account executives, SDRs, BDRs, customer success)
  • Learn more: 

Sales 3.0 CRO Summit

Attendees of this sales conference can listen to over 25 speakers who range from CEOs, CROs, sales tech experts and more. Some of the topics covered in this sales event include generative AI and revenue acceleration strategies. 

☀️Sales conferences in July

International Conference on Entrepreneurial Marketing and Sales

Summer 2024 is full of opportunities for international sales conferences this year. This event spans more than a week long, perfect for those looking for a flexible sales event with a longer time period.

Grant Cardone’s 10x Business Summit

Grant Cardone has many events and conferences happening all year, but this is one we wanted to highlight in particular. It’s a 3-day intensive event that grants attendees access to actionable sales strategies, phone scripts, and more from Grant Cardone’s 10x team in-person.

  • Date: July 12-14, 2024
  • Location: Aventura, FL (in-person)
  • Who should attend: Business owners, sales executives, CEOs and founders
  • Learn more: 

☁️Sales conferences in August

TechSpo London

This is the 10th year that TechSpo London is happening. It’s a huge conference with several exhibitors of the latest technology and innovation in Internet, Mobile, AdTech, MarTech, and SaaS, you name it. This conference is great for sales professionals looking to interact with other SaaS consumers, gather potential leads in-person, and learn about the latest innovations in tech right now.

🍂Sales conferences in September

Dreamforce by Salesforce

This one’s a doozy. Attend one of the biggest sales conferences of the year, hosted by none other than Salesforce. They call it the “biggest AI event of the year”, with a focus on AI, new technology, key trends and insights in innovation. This huge event is sponsored by other big enterprise companies in the sales world, including Deloitte, PWC, Accenture, IBM, McKinsey and Company. 

  • Date: September 17-19, 2024
  • Location: San Francisco, CA (in-person)
  • Who should attend: Customer success teams, sales professionals of all levels, marketing professionals
  • Learn more: 

Inbound by Hubspot

This 3-day event by Hubspot is a full-fledged learning and networking experience with keunotes, educational breakouts, HubSpot product announcements and demos, hands-on workshops, with networking and entertainment experiences. Get access to over 200+ speakers, 180+ sessions, 11,000 in-person attendees and more. 

  • Date: September 18-20, 2024
  • Location: Boston, MA (in-person)
  • Who should attend: Marketing and sales professionals
  • Learn more: 


SaaStr is basically like the Superbowl for SaaS companies. With this year being the 10th year of the annual SaaStr, this 3-day sales event is geared towards founders and executives in the SaaS space. It’s a great opportunity for leadership professionals to connect with other prominent leaders in the space. You get access to 100’s of workshops and 1000s of networking events.

  • Date: September 10-12, 2024
  • Location: Bay Area, San Francisco, CA (in-person indoors and outdoors)
  • Who should attend: Cloud and SaaS founders, VCs, and other executives
  • Learn more: 

Sales Engagement Summit

There are so many other sales summits happening this year, but you won’t want to miss out on this one. The Sales Engagement Summit is dedicated to everything related to sales enablement: ROI, content performance, maturity models, tech investments, lead generation and pipeline and more.

More sales conferences, events, and webinars in September 2024

🎃Sales conferences in October

Sales Success Summit

Here’s another sales summit to add to your calendar. While other sales summits on this list may be targeted towards more high-level sales leaders, this summit is perfect for sales professional at all levels, including individual contributors. You get to learn from and interact with the top 1% of sales performers featured in the Sales Success Stories podcast through multiple keynotes to attend. 


Didn’t get a chance to attend any sales conferences in the busy summertime? Here’s a SaaS conference for founders, executives and investors in Europe–not limited to sales professionals but across all functions for SaaS leaders. You have the opportunity to network with over 6,000 attendees, 200 partners, and 600 investors. Plus, you can enquire about showcasing your SaaS solution in front of Europe’s most prominent decision-makers.

More sales conferences, events, and webinars in October 2024

🌽Sales conferences in November

The Surf and Sales Summit

Sales conferences aren’t all stuffy events with suits and ties. This summit stands out from the rest because of their unique combination of sales networking and learning in a more relaxed, casual environment on the warm waters of Costa Rica. You can choose from two different session dates for an all-inclusive networking experience and walk away with something applicable from every single session, whether it’s simply meeting other founders and CEOs or knocking out both your vacation and networking at the same time.

  • Date: November 15-19, 2024 or November 20-24, 2024
  • Location: Costa Rica (in-person)
  • Who should attend: Sales and revenue leaders
  • Learn more: 

Innovation Roundtable Summit

There’s no shortage of summits for executives in the B2B space. This summit is a huge gathering of about 600 innovation executives from over 250 large multinational firms. You can pick and choose from eight themes for this year’s conference to tailor your summit experience according to what you want to focus on, including: business model intrapreneurship and future scenarios, culture and leadership for innovation and agility, AI+IoT+data+technology, design thinking and customer centricity, and more.

Outbound Conference

There are quite a few conferences geared towards executives and leaders, but this event is a great opportunity for anyone in sales at all levels. Learn about sales prospecting, pipeline, and productivity from exciting keynote speakers and connect with other like-minded sales professionals.

Other sales conferences, events, and webinars in November 2024

❄️Sales conferences in December

There aren’t many sales conferences and events happening in December this year (probably due to the busy holiday season and wrapping up Q4), but don’t be discouraged. The calendar of events and sales conferences never ends. Most of these conferences happen every year, and you can start planning your sales events calendar for 2025 in December.

Past sales conferences and events in 2024 (to attend in 2025!)

Having FOMO for sales conferences that already happened in January and February this year? No worries. Some of these events happen every year, so you have plenty of time to plan to attend the same ones in 2025. 

📑Bookmark these past sales conferences for future reference.

January conferences and events

February conferences and events

Seamless.AI sales events and webinars

Can’t make it to sales events or conferences in-person this year? At Seamless.AI, we have a series of upcoming webinars and other free virtual events to get rid of your sales conference FOMO. 

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