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November 9, 2022
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The merge of current and new data with B2B data enrichment tools

B2B data enrichment tools connect you to opportunities and generate business like nothing else on the market. 

Data enrichment tools are critical to any business's pipeline. That’s why in this article we dive into tools, let’s talk about what “data enrichment” means, the kind of information these tools enrich, why you need them, what you want to look for in a great b2b data enrichment tool, and the best data enrichment tools you can get your hands on. 

What’s B2B Data Enrichment?

B2B data enrichment is the merging of data that you already have with more information from an outside source.

Data enrichment is the process of inputting data you already have on contacts to receive more information about them. 

B2B data enrichment allows companies to gain deeper insights into their contacts by adding more layers of information to make more targeted decisions that result in a higher ROI. 

Additionally, data enrichment is great for lead generation/ranking, targeted marketing, compliance measures, and so much more.

If you don’t have data to enrich in the first place, check out how you can build an email list with Seamless’s Sales Software.

What Type of Data Do They Enrich? 

There are two main types of data a company needs: First and third-party data. 

But what’s the difference? 

First-party data is the data that a company collects about its clientele via forums, business deals, surveys, etc. 

Examples of first-party data include emails submitted during the sign-up process, phone numbers a customer stores in the system as 2FA, or birthdays a business collects in order to send out special coupons and offers in the future. 

Third-party data, as it relates to B2B data enrichment, is data that comes from an outside source. Data enrichment tools provide third-party data to their users, typically it’s information the user can’t easily collect on their own. Examples would include a list of sales leads purchased from Seamless.AI or customer intent data bought from G2.

Third-party data is extremely useful because it helps teams generate leads and keeps their pipeline full. Data from outside sources will clue you into who you should be selling to and also provide you with the means to contact them. 

First-party data would be the type that’s enhanced by a data enrichment tool. While third-party data is the enrichment itself. Third-party data would be exactly what a B2B data enrichment tool provides.  

What You Want from a Data Enrichment Tool 

A typical user of the tool would need basic contact information such as: 

  • Email addresses 
  • Phone numbers 
  • Office extensions
  • Social media
  • Job title or role
  • Industry
  • Company
  • Location

But building your pipeline is only the beginning. You can stay ahead of the game and understand as much as you can about contacts’ buying habits.

For instance, there’s intent data you can use to predict your customer's behavior and create a more effective marketing campaign. 

Why You Need B2B Data Enrichment 

It’s all about connecting to opportunity, but primary data alone won’t cut it. 

Here’s a scenario where data enrichment would help generate business from an existing set of data:  

Let’s say you’re a baker, your business specializes in pies, and you have a list of grocery stores in your area you’d like to sell your pies to.

Upload that list of stores into a B2B enrichment tool and it will pull up employees that work there. 

If you dive deeper, you’ll find the supply manager or bakery manager,anyone who would be a decision-maker in control of the food that’s available for purchase in the bakery section. 

Now, you should be able to enrich your data further by researching that decision-maker’s email and phone number. 

BOOM- now you can start your outreach, and start selling your delicious pies in stores near you. If your product is ready, it really is that easy. 

Simply put, B2B data enrichment tools are the platforms that connect you to opportunities and generate business. 

They’re the ultimate pipeline builder! 

The Best B2B Data Enrichment Tool 

The best B2B data enrichment tool provides as much contact information as possible, along with as many insights as it could provide…

And It’s Seamless.AI! The search engine for lead generation, data enrichment, and more. 

Since Seamless isn’t an outdated database, it gives you the most accurate and up-to-date information. In seconds you have access to THOUSANDS of insights into your target market. 

Seamless provides data that’s been verified by artificial intelligence (so you know you’re getting the best contact data on the market). Resulting in extra tips like AI accuracy scores that tell you how reliable that email is.

Click here to get started with a free account to try data enrichment for yourself, book a demo with one of our team members for a personalized walkthrough.  

Plus, if you don’t have data to enrich in the first place, check out how you can build an email list with Seamless’s Sales Software.


  • Data enrichment tools add more layers to the data you already have
  • Click here to build a list if you don’t have one to start with 
  • Data enrichment tools provide the means for a more targeted campaign making your efforts more effective!!

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