The Most Lucrative B2B Trends That Will Boost Your Sales In 2022

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July 13, 2022
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Growth is critical to every organization, and the moves that reel in business are changing every year. 

The right strategy can make or break your business and not only take you to the next level, but attract tons of new customers. 

With all the lists and reports out there already, we wanted to make your life easier, so we researched the most lucrative B2B sales trends of 2022 you can leverage to crush quota!  

Multiple Channels Of Communication With Prospects and Customers 

Most people want remote human interaction when exploring new products, but many prefer self-service options too. 

A self-service option could be a chatbot, online review pages, a FAQ page, social media, a free trial, or even a blog. As long as the prospect can access information and process it themselves without human interaction, remote or otherwise. 

Prospects want to choose how they interact with your brand, so the more ways they can choose, the better. 

If you cover both preferences (remote and self-service), you’ll provide 65% of B2B customers with the communication channel they want the most. Allowing people to choose how they connect means making more deals. 

It’s so important that you fill all of these channels so that you can reach your total addressable market because restricting the channels of communication restricts sales. 

A great way to create new channels between your brand and potential customers is to…

Start or Increase Content Marketing 

Content marketing is not the explicit promotion of your product. Instead, content marketing creates value for the viewer that they can consume at any time. Marketing comes into play when the value from your content drives interest in your product. 

An example of content marketing would be a knitting tutorial. This kind of content will only drive interest in yarn suppliers right? 

Content marketing gets more popular every year, and for a good reason. It “puts you on the map” so to speak. It warms people up to you, your brand, and your product through podcasts, blogs, YouTube videos, books, etc. 

Extend your reach into your total accessible market by sharing content on various social media platforms. If a prospect finds a great amount of value in your podcast they’ll send it to their friends, colleagues, and their peers will share it with others. Voila, this domino effect illustrates the beauty of content marketing!

The key to maximum success with content marketing is that your content needs to align with what your market will look at. For instance, you can’t expect a recruiter to watch a YouTube video about accounting.

Additionally, content marketing caters to prospects that prefer to do their own research before contacting a sales team. It creates a knowledge base for why they need your product in the first place. Think back to the yarn example–if a prospect watches that knitting tutorial, they’ll want to buy the used in the video to make the same blanket. 

In our case at Seamless, if you’re trying to increase the results you get out of cold calling, you’ll need a list of contacts from Seamless in order to test out our cold calling tips from our blog. 

See what we did there? Content marketing is all about marrying valuable content with product interest and helping people do their own independent research. 

Talk About Problems 

Your prospect needs to know there’s a problem you can fix for them before they’re really sold on your product. 

According to HubSpot the problem(s) you’re here to solve should be the start of your pitch every single time. 

People are more likely to buy a product that will solve a pain than anything else. So, sell the pain. 

Explain how much time or money your prospects are wasting in order to drive home why they need your product. Let them know how much better off they will be once they use your solution to fix a huge issue they’ve been having. 

The bells and whistles are great, but solving a problem is better. 

There is so much information out there to help you get ahead of the B2B sales game. But we hope this list narrows your strategy down to the key tactics that will help you the most for the remainder of 2022. 

Three Key Takeaways

  1. Have as many channels of communication between the prospect as possible so capture every lead. 
  2. Pump out as much content as you can, with the highest amount of value! 
  3. Your pitch should start with the problem your product can solve. 

What else would you add to our list?

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