Turn Your Team Into a Selling Machine

With Seamless.AI, you can instantly create a repeatable, predictable, and scalable sales machine. Eliminate manual list building forever with real-time B2B emails, cell phones, direct dials, Job Changes, Org Charts, and the World’s Best Intent Data, powered by Bombora.

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A list of people who work at the company showing high intent.Phone screen showing call the Sales VP is having with the decision-maker at the company.A VP of Sales on the phone with a high profile prospect.Card showing the a strong intent signal for a company.
Seamless.AI chrome extension showing contact details for a prospect.

Crush Your Sales Quota

65% of sales reps’ time is spent on non-revenue generating activities (Salesforce). With Seamless.AI, get access to contact information, sales insights, and buyer intent signals your team needs to crush their sales goals.

Win More Deals With Real-Time Data Accuracy

Data is a moving target, and databases can’t keep up. Our AI search engine for B2B Sales Leads verifies data in real-time. Better accuracy means better alignment with buying committees and more closed-won deals.

A salesman on the phone with a prospect he found using Seamless.AI.
LinkedIn, Gmail, and Salesforce icons.

Find Prospects Wherever You Browse

Our Chrome Extension works everywhere you sell whether it’s LinkedIn Sales Navigator, Gmail, Salesforce, or any website. Effortlessly identify key contacts and research their emails, cell phones, and direct dials at the click of a button.

Prospect Less, Sell More

Increase Pipeline and Close More Deals 

Seamless.AI has everything you need to create a massive pipeline. From countless integrations to Data Enrichment and Pitch Intelligence, we’ve got the data and the insights your team needs to access every target company and rake in closed deals.

Integrates With All Your Favorite Tools

Seamless.AI natively integrates with all of your favorite sales tools, including Salesforce, HubSpot, Pipedrive, Salesloft, Outreach, MS Dynamics, ZOHO, and more. All you need to do is connect to Seamless.AI and build your pipeline of dream customers in no time.

Seamless.AI icon.Hubspot, Pipedrive, and Greenhouse icon options that can integrate with Seamless.AI.Keap, Salesforce, and Outreach icon options that can integrate with Seamless.AI.A cursor dragging and dropping the SalesLoft icon to integrate with Seamless.AI.
Laptop with a video call active.A popup showing the man on the other side of the video call.Card showing the a strong intent signal for a company.

Get In Front of Every Prospect With Buyer Intent

Use Buyer Intent, powered by Bombora, to connect with companies looking for products like yours. Build your prospect lists based on target topics. Research key decision-makers and then send them to your CRM to book and close the deal!

Data Enrichment & Job Changes

Keep your CRM and prospect data fresh with Data Enrichment by Seamless.AI. Plus, never miss an opportunity when someone changes companies with Seamless.AI Job Changes. Simply upload a list from your CRM, and we’ll handle the rest.

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A woman holding a box with items she has cleaned out from her desk, as she prepares to change jobs.Full contact information for a woman who recently changes jobs.
Cards for Technology Stack and Traffic Analytics.Cards for Company Org Chart and Company Research.Insights for Everything.

Sales Intelligence to Streamline Pitch Writing

Many sales teams struggle to execute consistent cold outreach even though it’s crucial to pipeline health. Make cold outreach a no-brainer for your team with Pitch Intelligence and Writer by Seamless.AI. Write scripts that hit prospects’ biggest pain points in minutes.

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Transform B2B Lead Generation

How to Speed Up Prospecting With Seamless.AI

No matter how competitive your market is, use Seamless.AI to prospect faster and get the steady stream of leads you need for multi-channel outreach. Prospecting is as easy as 1-2-3...

Seamless.AI Chrome Extension plugin active in a browser

Step 1: Add to Chrome

Add our free Chrome extension to get the full prospecting power of Seamless.AI!

A cursor hovering over a url box.

Step 2: Browse the Web

Prospect on your favorite websites–LinkedIn Basic, Sales Navigator, B2B company websites, etc.

Seamless.AI chrome extension showing full contact information for a person found on the web.

Step 3: Score Key Info

Let our Chrome extension search the web, verify, and deliver prospect data to your CRM in real-time!

4.8 out of 5 stars

Revolutionizing Lead Generation with Seamless.AI

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customer Mathew H. next to his review about Seamless.AI

Mathew H

Opportunity Creator

Team of business professionals smiling and laughing while working together.
5 start rating from G2

Super easy interface, LOVE the LinkedIn integration

Seamless.AI solves Outbound prospecting. Knowing certain details of people our services would be most relevant and impactful for and knowing the best ways to get ahold of them. It's been a game changer to have something our entire sales floor can easily use.

Photo of Sam McKay

Sam McKay

Sales Manager

Verified G2 Review

5 start rating from G2

Paid for itself

I often get mobile numbers in addition to the direct lines and company phone numbers you normally get. It's been a proven asset to my business. In six months I was able to more than triple my existing business.

Photo of Ken Eynon

Ken Eynon

Senior Account Manager

Verified G2 Review

5 start rating from G2

Useful list builder

It's helping us increase our market knowledge, market depth and market penetration. It's an invaluable tool for our sales and our marketing department. It's helping us grow our database rapidly.

Photo of Ryan Sanderson

Ryan Sanderson

Group Sales Director

Verified G2 Review

5 start rating from G2

Easy tool for building marketing lists

I can get quality contacts quickly! I have gotten many new sales leads because of seamless's connections. Much better than the lead generator I used previously.

Photo of Emily Richardson.

Emily Richardson

Sales Manager

Verified G2 Review

Don't Miss Out on Valuable Sales Opportunities

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