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The Best Opener

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Hannah Beadling
March 25, 2022
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It’s the question on every salesperson’s mind:

What is the most lucrative way to start a sales conversation?

Inbound or outbound? Email or phone call? Should you reach out on social media? If so, which is the best? LinkedIn? Facebook? 

There’s so many questions to consider, and we now have more ways than ever to contact a potential client. 

The problem is, not every person is comfortable getting a DM, or an email, or a call. 

Everyone has their preferences. So we asked our LinkedIn network how they opened their biggest sale ever.  

We found that email won by a landslide! 43% of people who voted in our poll, said they initially contacted their biggest prospects via email.  

Graph titled "How Did You Open Your Biggest Sale?" 27% responded "They Reached Out to Me", 43% responded "Cold Email Outreach", 12% responded "Social Media," and 18% responded "Other."

Even though email was the top response, there’s always pros and cons with every channel.

According to Hubspot, email is great for reaching a large audience, but “cold calls are more effective at gathering direct responses.” 

Whether you use email, cold calls or any other channel, the key to maximizing the results is personalization.

Make your prospect feel like you’re talking directly to them, and show them that you have solutions to their problems. 

Personalizing and writing an opening email can be difficult and time-consuming, so try starting with this proven formula created by our CEO, Brandon Bornancin, and make it your own: P+I+BD-BP1-BP2.

  • Persona (P): For example, sales reps 
  • Industry (I): The prospect’s industry 
  • Biggest Desire (BD): Book 500+ appointments to fill your calendar
  • Biggest Pain 1 (BP1): Without spending hours prospecting
  • Biggest Pain 2 (BP2): Or overspending on leads! 
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When you put this formula in action, it will look something like this:

Hi Hannah! I’m Mason from Seamless.AI, and we help construction sales reps like you book appointments to keep their calendars full, without spending hours prospecting or overspending on leads. 

This opener works so well because you’re focusing on your prospect, their biggest desires, and their biggest pains. 

Want to See More?

Check out these tips from Megan Killion on “Creating Content that Converts.”. 

According to Megan, to compose the most lucrative opener, you want to add value every single time on every interaction - “give them something for nothing.”

Why? The decision-maker's time is worth a lot of money. When you ask them for their time and their money, you need to give them something of value. 

Here’s Megan’s opener email example: 


Your company is leaving money on the table. I’d like to show you how. Would it be okay to send you three tips in three minutes video recorded - just for you?

“Almost everyone says yes.” - Megan Killion

After this, Megan sends over the video with advice on optimizing their website and social media presence. She always makes a point to first give them value and then ask for their time. 

The thinking behind this is that you have to provide them value for “Free.” Once you do this, you’re creating “an indebted response from them.”

Watch the rest of Megan’s Sales Secret Summit video here - It’s a goldmine of information that just makes sense.