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August 23, 2022
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If you’re in sales, you know the power of building an email prospecting list and sending cold emails. It is one of the most important parts of of outbound lead generation. 

Building email lists of potential customers in  your target market is key to maximizing leads.  

That said, EMAIL is one of the most critical channels between salespeople and prospective clients in the B2B space. Before we dig in, let's start by explaining what a cold email is exactly. 

What is a Cold Email?

A cold email is an email that is sent to someone you don’t know and who is not expecting to get an email from you. Sending cold emails is a tactic that has been used to close millions of dollars in revenue.

Email is extremely effective because you can reach a large audience quickly with the least amount of manpower. All you need is Outreach to get started. 

However, using emails to generate leads doesn’t come without risk. 

For instance, if you start emailing a list of contacts without preparing properly, you could end up totally wasting your time or even accidentally violating the law

Keep reading, and we’ll show you how to make the most out of this channel and avoid massive emailing mistakes.

Email Deliverability

First, let’s establish that the goal of an email campaign is always to get as many opens as possible. The more opens an email campaign receives, the more eyes there are on your content, and the more sales you will drive. 

So how do you ensure that the emails you send reach every prospect on your list and get opened? By improving your email deliverability. 

Email Deliverability is the success rate of an email campaign and its ability to reach people’s primary inbox, as opposed to their SPAM folder or promotional tab. 

The challenge with creating a campaign that has good deliverability is that every email address has a permanent record or an individual reputation based on how often you send or receive real messages through that address, how frequently those messages get marked as SPAM, and how often you send messages to email traps, or do anything else that would flag the address. 

In other words, your email address’s history has an impact on the number of people that see your messages.  And if your reputation is bad, your email messages will go to the prospect’s SPAM folder where they will likely never see them. 

Check out this article to learn more about sender reputation, and all the factors that impact the deliverability of your email campaign.

Bonus Tips

So that’s a quick breakdown of the basics. But before we sign off, here’s a few bonus email tips I wish I knew a while ago: 

Avoid emailing outdated addresses, and clean your lists often. 

Beware! Old and unused email addresses become SPAM traps that tank your reputation if you message them. To avoid these traps, make sure your list is up to date with verified emails. If you need help building an accurate contact list, click here to get started with Seamless for free.

Recover your email address reputation by creating drip campaigns.

Remember how I mentioned that the deliverability of an email is positively affected by how often the address sends and receives real messages? 

Well, drip campaigns (if used correctly) are an awesome way to consistently recover your reputation in the background while you’re sending promotional emails to prospects. That’s because drip campaigns generally bring in a steady flow of real email responses from other addresses with good reputations. 

Constantly test your reputation to see where you stand.  

Finally, I wish I knew that I could test my content for red flags and evaluate the deliverability before I started cold emailing. 

If you don’t look into your reputation first, all of your work could be pointless. It doesn’t matter how clean and accurate the list is. Perfectly written content won’t be seen if the deliverability is poor.

Avoid these common email mistakes at all costs because you don’t want to put in all that work with research and drafting just to go to SPAM. No one has time for that!

Use this advice so that your prospecting list and content is put to work reeling in all the hot leads!  

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