Is Seamless.AI Legit?

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November 9, 2022
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If you are new to Seamless.AI, you might be wondering if this platform is legit. And we don’t blame you!

According to IBM, bad data costs the U.S. economy $3.1 trillion every single year.

And if data quality isn’t bad enough, in 2021 over 200 million Americans had personal information compromised in data breaches, making security another issue at the top of mind for many consumers.

Clearly navigating the world of B2B data providers can feel like the Wild West. So when a company like Seamless comes along that promises the freshest contact data on the market, consumers may have their doubts. Some may even be outright skeptical.

With that in mind, we want to provide you with a crash course on what Seamless is as well as the measures we take to not only ensure that our platform is reliable, but that you are finding quality leads to drive conversions and scale your sales and marketing efforts. 

What Is Seamless.AI?

Seamless.AI is a real-time search engine that uses artificial intelligence to research and validate the emails and phone numbers of any professional you’re prospecting. 

In addition to unrivaled accuracy, with our free Chrome extension as well as 1,500+ app integrations, Seamless automates busy work like data entry and list-building, so you can save 2-3 hours a day, and easily scale your sales efforts. 

At Seamless we want to make prospecting easier, but more importantly, we want to help users achieve financial freedom. On average, our users have seen 5 to 10x returns on their initial investment. Furthermore, over 10,000 users have generated six, seven, and eight figures in sales with our platform. 

Seamless.AI Reviews

If you think the claims we made in the last section are too good to be true, check out what some of our users are saying about Seamless…

1. Steven Schmidt-Nexvoo

“$4.7 Million and counting in 2.5 months with Nexvoo!”

2. William S.- Sales, Operations Marketing Architect

“I literally just got my numbers back today, with Seamless.AI we hit over 2MM! Couldn’t have done it without Seamless!!”

3. Anthony Matthews- Founder Hungry Longhorn LLC

“Already at 108% my monthly quota, and we’re only the fourth day into [using Seamless].” 

Want to see more amazing results? Check out these other customer testimonials.

4. Jason Ault- COO Digital Signage Communications Strategist & Integrator

“Boom! Seamless.AI is hands down a tool we could NOT operate business without.”

What Makes Seamless Legit? 

One of the features that make Seamless not only legit, but the #1 sales software is our use of artificial intelligence and data enrichment. 

As opposed to sales databases where you have to sift through loads of outdated data to get one good email. Or web scrapers that retrieve any information that’s available online. Seamless uses comprehensive artificial intelligence to get the most up-to-date information. With the AI and data enrichment features that Seamless uses, you can rest assured that the contact info you’re finding with us is as current as possible. 

On top of our dedication to quality data, we take every measure to guarantee that our platform is reliable and secure. In fact, we recently achieved SOC 2 Type II certification for the second year in a row. Check out this article, if you’re interested in learning more about the certification process and how Seamless fared in terms of security and confidentiality. 

At Seamless, we’re putting in overtime to provide the utmost value to each of our users, and the world is taking notice. Forbes recognized Seamless as one of the best enterprise software companies in the Midwest. G2 named Seamless one of the top 100 highest-satisfaction software products for 2022. And we’ve received several awards, including the #1 Tech Company of the Year. Check out our acceptance speech below:


In addition to legitimacy, people often ask:

Is Seamless.AI real?

Seamless is the real deal! We’ve got 300,000+ users, including industry giants like Google and Logitech, who leverage our platform to connect to opportunity.

Is Seamless.AI a good company?

Not only is Seamless a fantastic company that cares about the success of our customers and our employees, but LinkedIn recently ranked us #7 on their 2022 list of the Top 50 Startups. Check it out!

What does Seamless.AI do?

Seamless is an AI-powered search engine that finds and validates (in real-time) the emails and phone numbers of any professional you or your sales team are trying to reach out to. Think of Seamless as a real-time search engine for all your business contacts. 

Where does Seamless.AI get its data?

Seamless uses artificial intelligence and predictive analytics to crawl through the web and find contact information based on a person’s digital footprint. 

If you had any questions or reservations about whether or not Seamless is legit, we hope that this article not only demonstrates this platform’s validity but that you fully understand our dedication to excellence. It’s our mission to deliver the best product to our users so they can focus on selling and thriving during these difficult times. 

Want to do a hands-on demo of Seamless and see what this platform can do for you and your team? Sign up for a free demo today!

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