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July 1, 2022
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Whether you're an entrepreneur, a small business owner, or a sales development representative (SDR), you need to connect to the right people as quickly as possible. B2B selling is impossible without meetings, plain and simple. 

This is where a scheduling application comes in. Scheduling applications help connect you to prospects fast, just like Seamless.AI! 

Here are some examples of great scheduling applications you can leverage.


(Read to the bottom for the #1 scheduling application hack)

Scheduling Applications Save Time & Money

We all know time is money. Well a scheduling application eliminates the time draining back and forth that SDRs and account executives (AE) are subjected to when scheduling appointments and meetings. 

All you have to do is create an account and set your availability. It’s as easy as connecting a Google calendar and voila! The client can clearly see the AE’s open appointment times and book themselves in seconds. 

After setting availability, just send out your calendar link to others so they can automatically book appointments with you. 

A scheduling application allows people to book themselves, so they don’t have to wait for their client to find a good time to meet. 

You could even post your calendar on social media and allow people to book themselves there. 

Appointment scheduling has never been easier! 

With a scheduling application, how much time do you think you would save your team in a month? How about in a year? 

Create A Master Calendar 

Prospects want to see your team’s entire availability in one place because it opens up more appointment times beyond what one person could cover. Some calendars allow you to add your entire department’s availability to maximize the potential appointments. 

Having a master calendar creates more time to book with multiple people. Let’s say for instance, an SDR or an AE has lunch every day at 1PM, but 1PM is the only time their prospect can meet with them... No worries! There’s another team member available in that time slot. 

A master calendar creates the greatest  flexibility for customers. Clients can view the collective availability, book a time that works best for them, and run meetings simultaneously. 

Add Your Zoom or Team Meeting Link 

More people work remotely and the B2B market is global (making in-person meetings impossible) so digital meetings are now more popular than ever. 

Scheduling applications address this issue and make a perfect fit for people who work from home, travel frequently, or work in a global market by allowing you to set the “place” of the meeting to a video call or a Zoom room. Whether you’re meeting in person or online, scheduling applications will be flexible with your workflow. 

Set Automatic Reminders

Most scheduling applications have this super helpful feature - Automatic Reminders. This is a dream come true for most SDRs because they know that follow-up is key during the sales process

Scheduling applications like, You Can Book Me, send automated invitations & reminders to your prospect a few days in advance, the day before, and the day of, so you can conveniently remind your prospect of an upcoming meeting and reduce no-shows! 

BONUS HACK: These automated reminders are not just for the client. They’re also for you! We all get busy and let things slip (that’s only human nature). But if you include your email in the attendee section of the meeting, you will also receive the duplicate automated emails your prospect does, ensuring you never miss a meeting (or show up unprepared) again! 

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