How to Use Seamless.AI for Sales

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October 6, 2022
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How to Use Seamless.AI for Sales

If you are an SDR, an account executive (AE), or a sales leader, and you don’t know how to use Seamless.AI for your sales efforts, you clicked on the right article!

We will show you why over 300,000+ companies use this platform every day to flood their calendars with opportunity, as well as the tips and tricks you can leverage to do the same. 

Why Should I Use Seamless?

Seamless.AI is the #1 sales software in the world, and it’s #1 for several reasons… 

For starters, out of all the lead generating tools out there, Seamless.AI has some of the most accurate data on the market. 

As opposed to sales databases where you have to sift through loads of outdated information to get one good email or cell phone. Or web scrapers that retrieve any data that’s publicly available online, Seamless uses comprehensive artificial intelligence to crawl through the web in real time to find, verify, and validate contact data (email addresses, cell phone numbers, direct dials, etc.) of any professional or company you’re prospecting. 

With the AI and data enrichment features that Seamless uses, you can rest assured that the contact info you’re finding with us is as current as possible, which is so important today with professionals frequently changing jobs (check out these stats on job changes and Gen Z). 

Additionally, we’ve verified over 1.9 billion contact and company records (and counting), so you don’t have to worry about running out of ideal prospects to grow your sales pipeline.  Depending on who your target persona is, with Seamless you can easily pull up hundreds of verified lookalike prospects in minutes. 

Now that you know some of the reasons why you should start empowering your sales team with Seamless.AI, check out how you can use this tool to get 2-3 hours of selling time back on reps’ calendars. No, we’re serious. Keep reading!  

Easily Integrate Seamless and Automate Prospecting   

If you and your sales team already have a tech stack that works, but you just need a tool to take your revenue generation to the next level, you’re in luck because Seamless has over 1,500+ app integrations (and counting). 

Say goodbye to constantly going back and forth between your favorite tools. With Seamless and our ample integrations, you can export contact data directly into your tech stack with one click. 

One of the additional beauties of Seamless is that you can automate your list-building, your personalized pitch research, and your data entry. 

With our automation, your team can work smarter, not harder and gain back 3+ HOURS a day to sell and close deals. That translates to an ENTIRE month of sales activities that was previously wasted searching for contact data. 

Click here for more tips on how sales leaders and reps can boost their productivity. 

Download Our Chrome Extension

Our Chrome Extension helps sales teams prospect easier and faster by tapping into valuable contact and company information from anywhere on the web. 

This means if you’re on a company website, and you want to pull up the contact information of the CEO, you can with our Chrome extension. 

And when you’re on LinkedIn (standard), Sales Navigator, or Recruiter, and you want to find verified emails and direct dial phone numbers for anyone, our Chrome extension will allow you to do just that plus sync that data with your CRM. 

With our Chrome Extension you can turn your laptop into an unstoppable prospecting machine. 

Hyper-Target With Countless Search Filters

With Seamless, you can use a number of search filters (industry, employee size, revenue, and more) to locate qualified prospects.

Plus with auto-generated lead recommendations and bulk company searches, you can identify target companies and accounts within your Total Addressable Market, instantly build lists, and grow your pipeline in minutes

Determine your market size with this helpful article

Draw Deep Insights to Optimize Sales Strategy

This platform is a lifesaver for sales leaders because it helps improve user management. With Seamless, there’s no more armchair micromanaging where you’re stuck wondering what your reps are doing. Seamless will show you your reps’ activity, their usage of Seamless, and who they are searching, so you can help them get to a closed won faster.

In addition to user management, Seamless can be an asset to your sales strategy as you can identify the bottlenecks holding your team back, as well as upsell opportunities and industry trends. Get the data you need to revise your targets for the upcoming quarter, and gain a competitive edge. 

For all the AEs and SDRs, we didn’t leave you out when it comes to insights. You can effortlessly retrieve data (address, phone, email, company revenue, company size, industry, etc.) on every company you’re prospecting in order to create relevant pitches that cut through the noise and grab attention. 

Now that you have a better idea of the time you can save, and the money you can make with Seamless, schedule a demo, and check out the power of this platform for yourself. 

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