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September 15, 2022
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People holding stars giving Seamless AI five star reviews

Here at Seamless.AI we have built a world-class sales software that truly works. But, don’t just take our word for it. If you’re on the fence about Seamless.AI, check out these reviews to see what some of our customers have to say…

Top 12 Seamless.AI Reviews 

1. Austin Lutz

“Seamless has directly helped me add over $4 Million to my pipeline.”

2. Brian Crawford

“I've already gone through the training and I am using it daily. It is the best tool I've ever used and I've been prospecting for 25 years!”

3. Steven Schmidt

Founder and CEO of TIDAL

“I want to give a shout out to the team at Seamless.AI! I've used them now at two sales organizations, across the team. I can honestly say that if you are looking for a way to build your database for your Demand Gen / Biz Dev efforts, you won't be disappointed. The customer success team that Brandon Bornancin has built is world-class. $0-5 million in 3 months is not only possible, I can now say that $5-20 is staring us in the face.”

4. Ren Tod

Content Partnerships

“Q1 2021 down! I achieved +495% beyond my QUARTER revenue goal. And in 2020 I achieved +246% beyond my ANNUAL revenue goal.”

5. Sean

“For the price point and functionality they are over delivering. I have the same feeling with these guys as I did with Zoom (conference calls) two years ago.”

6. Michael Shaer

Enterprise Account Executive at

“Been using Seamless.AI for about 5 months now and absolutely love it. I've used a variety of solutions, but Seamless.AI's LinkedIn SalesNav integration allows us to build lists at a wild pace. Also, whenever I have questions, they are incredibly responsive.”

7. Michael P.

“Incredible. I was super pleased with the support after the purchase....I asked for and immediately received a 1:1 coaching session. Super awesome bonus is all the sales training courses, scripts, etc, that they shared. The company seems very invested in seeing their customers succeed at a very high level!”

8. Jim Newton

Senior Vice President Of Worldwide Sales at Apposite Technologies

“Seamless helped me increase sales by 48% in the second half of last year! This year I am hoping for over 100%”

9. Lauren Wolbarsht

Director of Marketing at Whiteboard Geeks

“Seamless.AI is my favorite find of 2020. It's an A+ search engine and a rare example of a time I received more than what was sold. The best (and most refreshing) part about the company, though, isn't the technology - it's the people. Ryan Feely has been my go-to problem solver more times than I can count. He's highly responsive, knowledgeable about his product and a stand-up person. Thank you!”

10. Mitch Katseanes

Head of Global Marketing Operations & Revenue at OneSource Virtual

“I made the decision to purchase Seamless for my sales and marketing teams back in January. We are heavy users and couldn't live without it. Great design and easy functionality! You definitely have a satisfied client with my company.”

11. Philip Pallifrone

Territory Manager at Heartland

“I love being able to find any contact for any business anywhere in a matter of seconds. It's HUGE.”

12. Sean Malone

“This software has helped a lot of our high ticket clients fill calendars... It’s more legit than any other software in its class...and it's only getting stronger. I'm forever grateful for your software. I've searched and searched for something we can use for our clients - and your software IS THE CATEGORY KING in your space.”

We pride ourselves on our customers’ success, and we are dedicated to providing them with a world-class experience

We hope these stories show you the amazing returns you can achieve with Seamless.AI. 

And if you want to test out the power of this platform for yourself, click here to book a demo.

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