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The fastest way to build pipeline, shorten your sales cycle, and close more deals is by investing in quality data that doesn’t need to be manually verified month-over-month.

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Seamless.AI gives you the ability to connect directly with your ideal customers so you can build pipeline, shorten your sales cycle, and close more deals at scale.


Customers are Turning Up the Heat with Seamless

I just wanted to say that the customer service at Seamless is fantastic. In literally 5 minutes, I emailed you my problem, told you we needed a zoom call, and we fixed the problem.

Photo of Scott Kalan
Scott Kalan

No brainer renewal… We just re-upped our subscription with Seamless.AI for another year. 🥳 We have tried MANY different platforms to make hunting and prospecting more efficient. Seamless.AI has easily been the best and I would highly recommend it for your sales organization.

Headshot of Matt Cotton
Matt Cotton
Founder & CEO

I can wholeheartedly say that Seamless has been a huge part of my success this year. Funny story: When I did the interview with seamless while in Disney I just crossed the 100k mark and now I had my first $100k month!

Headshot of Khari Harper
Khari Harper
Owner/Business Coach

"Anyone with a team of BDRs needs to look at Seamless.AI. No longer do you need to depend on a database as they are a search engine and operate as a truly one-stop shop for CRM integration, contact info, etc. Couldn't be easier to use."

Headshot of Marc Badalucco
Marc Badalucco
Managing Partner - Head of Sales

"As a current user of Seamless.AI, let me say your product is awesome. It's easy to use and has pinpoint accurate information."

Headshot of Lamar Russo
Lamar Russo
VP, National Accounts

"If you have not checked out Seamless.AI... its a really cool prospecting tool.... I have used it off and on for B2B leads, never fails to add some sort of value to my prospecting."

Headshot of Jerry Price
Jerry Price
Licensed Mortgage Broker

"BTW, has the most accurate job change data I've found on the market (across the top 5 dB's)"

Headshot of Eric Farnham
Eric Farnham

“All in all, Seamless.AI is a great tool to boost my pipeline and increase the outreach of my team. I love the platform and it really helps in my day to day.“

Headshot of Guillem P
Guillem P
Partnership Development Representative

“Seamless.AI makes it simple, easy, and quick for me to pull the leads I need to meet my daily goals. It has helped initiate better conversations and conversion rates for my team.“

Headshot of Jeremy P
Jeremy P

“I really like the simple ease of use with LinkedIn and being able to view contact detail with one click. Having another opportunity to really "connect" with a prospect is wonderful and makes "Developing Relationships" much more proactive than spending hours searching for ways to call someone.“

Headshot of Stephanie L
Stephanie L
Sr. Account Development Manager

“If the contact info is out there on a prospect you are looking for, Seamless will find it. I've been able to find new companies and new contacts which leads to more deals. It's efficient, quick, easy to understand, and has excellent filters. Great all around platform.“

Headshot of Austin J
Austin J

"Seamless helped me increase sales by 48% in the second half of last year! This year I am hoping for over 100%"

Headshot of Jim Newton
Jim Newton
Senior Vice President Of Worldwide Sales

“Using Seamless helped get my foot in the door with clients I want to cold call. Also, I have noticed that my ability to not rely on hot or warm leads has increased dramatically.“

Headshot of Christopher A
Christopher A
Account Executive

“I like how easily I can find names specific to any business I am trying to get in touch with. Additionally, I use the LinkedIn function on every one I find. I see who they are connected with and I reach out to them, then I hit the find option on LinkedIn and they are in my They're all connected and I love it.“

Headshot of ‍Evan F
‍Evan F
Sales Representative

"I just signed up for Seamless.Ai and I am loving how easy it makes it to find the contact info of the leads I need to contact. This is an amazing tool that saves hours of research time. Check it out."

Headshot of Alma Ohene-Opare
Alma Ohene-Opare
Co-Founder & CEO

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