How to Use an Email Finder to Generate Revenue

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September 16, 2022
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An email finder is your answer if you’re looking to find the right prospects and grow business fast. 

B2B (Business-to-Business) emailing specifically brings in a whopping 400% ROI (return on investment), with the potential to make $44 dollars for every $1 spent

With such a huge potential for revenue growth, emailing is a channel you can’t afford to ignore if you’re looking to increase sales. 

And if you’re looking to 10x your sales, mass email is the perfect route to take for cold marketing and sales outreach because it’s much less time-consuming than other methods, allowing you to reach many people in a short amount of time. The problem is–how do you find a big enough volume of accurate email addresses to carry out a mass email strategy?

Drumroll… If you want to mass email effectively, your best bet is an email finder. 

In this article we’ll cover what an email finder is, the benefits, how you can use one to scale your business, and some of the best email finders on the market. 

What’s an Email Finder?

An email finder is a software tool that helps you find the email addresses of target prospects by filtering through HTML webpages and collecting contact info. 

Also referred to as a lookup service or a B2B search engine, an email finder is essentially a lead generation tool that (when done right) can help you reach your target market, speed up prospecting, build a list, increase revenue, and so much more. 

Email finders have two uses:

  1. You can find the personal or professional email address of any prospect by simply inputting their first and last name. 
  2. You can generate fresh leads based on your Ideal Customer Profile and identify look-alike targets by using filters like industry, location, size, to narrow down your search.

The Benefits and Uses of Email Finders

Email Finders Validate Addresses 

In addition to finding the email address of that C-level persona you’ve been trying to find, good email finders will validate the address to ensure that the lead is a quality one. This can eliminate hours of tedious work you would have to do, digging through databases (that are riddled with outdated data) only to find an email address that ends up bouncing. 

Email verification is an important benefit of email finders because you want to make sure your email list has as many legit addresses as possible (we’re talking 99% accuracy here). If your list isn’t clean, you could end up emailing a honeypot email and destroying your Sender Score. Honeypot emails are designed to trap spammers, and if you email one you’ll be added to a black list. To read more about how to avoid spam traps, check out this article

Email Finders Grow Revenue 

Email is responsible for generating approximately 25-35% of revenue

Email finders help grow this revenue by streamlining the list building and prospecting process. Cutting down prospecting time leaves more time for you to sell, ultimately leading to more revenue. 

You don’t even need to know your prospect's name to find their email. It’s arguably the most powerful sales tool you can have because you can build your own list. 

What’s the Best Email Finder on the Market?

Now that you know some benefits with email finders, which one is the best on the market? 

There are countless email finders out there including and Aeroleads. However, the best email finder as far as value, accuracy, and results generated, is Seamless.AI. 

Seamless.AI is a top rated software by G2, and it’s highly acclaimed for a reason.  

Seamless is the world's first and only real-time search engine for B2B contact data. 

What sets this platform apart from other email finders is that Seamless uses artificial intelligence to find perfectly validated cell phone numbers and emails for any decision maker in any industry you want to speak to, including most LinkedIn users. On top of that, we're 5X more cost effective than competitors, all the while having fresher data.

With 1,500+ app integrations, you can use Seamless alongside your favorite tech tools to strengthen your prospects. Plus, with our Chrome Extension, you can find emails directly from any company website in seconds. 

If you’re in the market to try out a new email finder (why not see what’s out there?), test out Seamless today. We promise you, with reviews like these, you won’t be disappointed!

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