How to Crush Common Recruiting Challenges with Seamless.AI

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June 24, 2022
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In today’s job market it’s only getting more challenging to find and hire the right talent. On average it takes about 50 days to hire a single sales development representative

Many recruiters turn to social media like LinkedIn in hopes of speeding up the process. 

InMail messages and connection requests on LinkedIn are great ways to prospect for new talent, but this method is expensive and time-consuming. Plus, your connection requests can get lost in a prospect’s inbox. 

LinkedIn connections and Inmail are good first steps to build a relationship, but they won’t stand out to the prospective job candidate. And in this job market, recruiters NEED to stand out. 

If slow hiring processes weren’t bad enough, found that communication between employers and job candidates has been increasingly worse since 2019: 28% of job candidates have ghosted an employer, up from only 18% in 2019

Furthermore, they found that, “Focusing on attentiveness and improved communications throughout every stage of the process is key”

With job candidates losing interest and virtually vanishing in thin air,  it’s crucial, now more than ever, for recruiters to use all available channels to reach a possible new hire and stay consistent in communications. 

Communication Methods

If being present on all channels is key, what’s the easiest way to reach prospects and how can you contact them? 

We’ve found that reaching out through both email and phone is most effective because these channels are direct and free! People check their phone and email more frequently than they do LinkedIn InMail. These channels are also more immediate and faster than waiting for prospects to sort through hundreds of Inmail messages and paid ads to get to yours. 

Contacting your job candidate quickly through phone or email resolves the problems of slow hiring and job candidate ghosting because these channels increase your chances of hiring that person. 

More importantly, reaching out through multiple channels shows the contender that you value them and want them to be a part of the team, which sets you apart from other recruiters. 

Imagine someone sending you a connection request on LinkedIn, an email, AND a quick text about the role they’re offering.  This shows effort and genuine interest. Sincerity builds rapport and trust in the relationship and makes the difference between a prospect ghosting you and a candidate beating down your door to apply. 

“Multiple channels are great, but the people I reach out to aren’t interested!”

If you’re having trouble finding candidates that are looking for or at least open to new roles, you’re not alone. It’s a great feeling to find the ideal candidate for a job opening, but it’s not so great when they’re dead-set on staying on their current path. 

That is an extremely common obstacle recruitment teams face. In fact, “I’m happy where I’m at” are the five words recruiters hear and fear the most. 

Instead of listing off reasons a prospect should reconsider, tell them you’re glad they found their dream job. Then, ask them if they mind sharing what they love about their job. 

This is when you want to gauge if they really are happy where they’re at, and listen closely to their answer so you can customize your pitch. If they don’t go into great detail about why they love their job, ask them if there is anything they would change if they could. Common changes would be switching to remote work, higher pay, or more room for career growth. 

If the prospect fails to divulge into detail, this is your chance to swoop in and tell them how the position you’re offering would provide them with the changes they want to see at their current job.  

“But what if I can’t find the right people on LinkedIn?”

If you’re struggling to prospect on LinkedIn, Seamless is here to help! Use “Filters” with our Search Feature to find specific roles, industries, locations, and more! 

Seamless will automatically find people fitting that description and create a list for you of prospects to reach out to. Seamless.AI recruiting removes the toughest parts of talent sourcing and connects you to the right people every single time. 


  • Multiple channels of communication with a job candidate are the best way to speed up the hiring process, nurture prospective candidates, and ensure they sign on. 
  • If prospects aren’t interested at first, ask what they love and don’t love about their current role. Use their answer to customize your pitch.
  • LinkedIn is great for prospecting, but you can step up your game with Seamless.AI contact info. Get started here. 

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