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September 19, 2022
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Figuring out how to find the email address of a CEO can be hard. They’re the most important decision maker at an organization. And typically they’re one of the few personas that don’t have to cut through a bunch of red tape to sign a deal. If they see a B2B solution that will help their company save time and make money, they’re saying “Yes” and asking about next steps. 

The CEO is truly a dream client. But their contact information is usually so protected, you practically need CIA-level sleuth skills to hunt them down. 

If company heads are your target persona, we’ve put together this helpful article that will show you a few different ways you can find their email address relatively easily. 

And if you’re skeptical whether or not a CEO will even read your cold email (Trust us they will. CEOs spend 24% of their time checking emails), read to the end because we’ve got proven tips to write emails that will make them hit “Reply,” as well as strategies to turn that one CEO address into a bigger book of business.  

Top Three Resources to Find a CEO’s Email Address

Here are some different resources you can leverage to find CEO email addresses…


Once you find the C-level persona you want to connect with, you can always try searching for their email address on social media, notably their LinkedIn profile. 

And if you don’t find anything, your next best bet is to direct message (DM)  them on LI. 

This can be a slower process because you never want to come right out the gate asking for contact info (being so blunt could end up backfiring). 

You always want to first build rapport and trickle in an email address request during this whole process of relationship building.

An introductory LI message could look like this: 

Hi {{first_name}} - I just saw that Company X won Award Y. Congratulations! 

I would love to become a valuable connection for you and your work, and even share how your sales team might be missing out on valuable opportunities to drill down on target prospects!

Sound interesting?

All the Best,


With an opening message like this, you’re showing that you’ve done your research on your target leader, and you’re also leaving a crumb trail of value you can deliver. 

Check out this article to get more script ideas for introductory messaging or pick up a copy of our bestseller, Seven Figure Social Selling. It’s jam-packed with over 400 pages of LinkedIn sales scripts and secrets. 


An online business directory can give you vital information on the target company that you will need when you finally get to speak with the company head. And sometimes you can get lucky here and find a way to reach the organization leader directly. 

Even if you don’t find the CEO’s email address in a directory, you may get the contact info of someone who can point you in the right direction.  

The biggest issue with directories however is data accuracy. A lot of the data hasn’t been verified in years, so be mindful of this fact. 


While social media, directories, and even Google (this can be like Russian Roulette at times) are all good places to start with your search, if you’re looking for a CEO’s email address, you’re someone who’s M.O. is to cut to the chase and get the ball rolling ASAP (you’re our kind of people!). 

And if this is the case, skip the guessing games, and try Seamless.AI. 

With Seamless, not only will you get the email address of the CEO in your market industry that you’ve been trying to get in front of, but you can also get their cell phone with this platform. 

In addition to this, with 1,500+ integrations and our Chrome Extension, you can strengthen your LI prospecting and become unstoppable. 

Seamless uses artificial intelligence to verify contact info in real-time as opposed to a static database or directory that gets manually updated. 

Seamless can help you drastically shorten your sales cycle, and give back value to your organization. 

Try it for yourself (it’s completely free) and come back to this article when you get that CEO’s email address. 

How Do You Write an Email That Sells a CEO on Your Solution?

Now that you’ve tried out Seamless and got that company head’s email address (victory tastes so sweet!), now what? What are you supposed to do with this information?

For one, you can always directly email them. And while directly messaging a C-level position can sound intimidating, after all they get countless messages every day, and their schedule is packed to the brim with higher priority tasks than reading an email from you, right? 


Company heads have pain points and goals just like everyone else. 

Therefore, your job in your subject line and email is to show your relevancy right away. Address pains their organization is having and reveal how your product or service is going to help them crush their biggest goals and take their business to the next level. 

Here’s an example of a cold email you could send to a CEO:

Hi {{first_name}} - Your company is wasting $X on prospecting.  

I can show you how each of your reps can get back 3 hours a day in selling time to close more deals and grow your organization. 

Any interest?


In order to write a hyper-relevant email that gets opened, you have got to do your research. 

Luckily, Seamless offers pitch intelligence so you can lead with value and not fluff. 

Another strategy you can take is using that CEO’s email to build a look-alike audience based on the characteristics of your initial prospect to target on Facebook. 

Check out this article that will show you how to build a look-alike target audience, step-by-step. 

You could also use the email to do account-based marketing on LinkedIn.

With Seamless, account-based marketing is easy and foolproof because you can easily build an account list in seconds using our company search feature, and then head off to the races with your account-based marketing.  

Whatever strategy you end up choosing, once you find a CEO’s email address, half the hard work is done, and you’re well on your way to closing a huge deal. 

Try Seamless today, and let us do all the hard work for you. 

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